A Course in Mathematical Physics

Volume 4: Quantum Mechanics of Large Systems

  • Walter Thirring

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About this book


In this final volume I have tried to present the subject of statistical mechanics in accordance with the basic principles of the series. The effort again entailed following Gustav Mahler's maxim, "Tradition = Schlamperei" (i.e., filth) and clearing away a large portion of this tradition-laden area. The result is a book with little in common with most other books on the subject. The ordinary perturbation-theoretic calculations are not very useful in this field. Those methods have never led to propositions of much substance. Even when perturbation series, which for the most part never converge, can be given some asymptotic meaning, it cannot be determined how close the nth order approximation comes to the exact result. Since analytic solutions of nontrivial problems are beyond human capabilities, for better or worse we must settle for sharp bounds on the quantities of interest, and can at most strive to make the degree of accuracy satisfactory.


Large mathematical physics mechanics

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