Dynamics of the Singing Voice

  • Meribeth A. Bunch

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About this book


Every discipline tends to develop its own particular language and ways of communicating. This is true also about the various disciplines that talk about and describe the human voice - particularly as it relates to singing. The aim of this book is to bridge any gaps in communication, foster better understanding of the singing voice and encourage collaboration between those involved in performance, teaching, therapy and medicine. Because there is increasing interest in research in all these disciplines, creating a "common ground" for communication about the singing voice is essential for mutual understanding and for effective prevention and treatment of disorders in singers. One object for the artistic and scientific professions is to understand each other better by finding a vocabulary and terminology which they can share and use effectively. Difficulty in communication often arises when a singer or teacher of singing attempts to describe something sensory in nature by use of imagery and sign-language to non-singers, including the health and medical profes­ sions; and, in the same way, the use of obscure and sometimes frightening terminology by those in the medical sciences when offering explanations to singers. Teaching and simple language was and is needed from both sides. A number of advances are helping to create rapid change in bridging gaps in communication and in adding new information: 1. The formation of Associations for Performing Arts Medicine on a na­ tional and international scale are bringing new awareness to those who work with singers and other artists.

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