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Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012

  • Latest examples by international Top-Specialists

  • With many colored pictures

  • Proceedings to Conference in Paris in 09.2012

  • Includes supplementary material:

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Table of contents (26 papers)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages 1-22
  2. Conference Proceedings

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 23-23
    2. A Stretcher Bond with Defects Applied to a Hyperboloid

      • Ralph Bärtschi, Tobias Bonwetsch
      Pages 37-42
    3. Vision to Reality — the Materialization of the Emirates Air-Line (London Cable Car)

      • Goetz Peter Feldmann, Josh Mason, Rafail Bakolas, Wybren Jan Terpstra
      Pages 43-55
    4. Ruled Free Forms

      • Simon Flöry, Yukie Nagai, Florin Isvoranu, Helmut Pottmann, Johannes Wallner
      Pages 57-66
    5. Thinking Topologically at Early Stage Parametric Design

      • John Harding, Sam Joyce, Paul Shepherd, Chris Williams
      Pages 67-76
    6. Concurrent Geometric, Structural and Environmental Design: Louvre Abu Dhabi

      • Frédéric Imbert, Kathryn Stutts Frost, Al Fisher, Andrew Witt, Vincent Tourre, Benjamin Koren
      Pages 77-90
    7. Architectural Caustics — Controlling Light with Geometry

      • Thomas Kiser, Michael Eigensatz, Minh Man Nguyen, Philippe Bompas, Mark Pauly
      Pages 91-106
    8. From Nature to Fabrication: Biomimetic Design Principles for the Production of Complex Spatial Structures

      • Jan Knippers, Markus Gabler, Riccardo La Magna, Frédéric Waimer, Achim Menges, Steffen Reichert et al.
      Pages 107-122
    9. Linkage Fabric Behavior Modeling: A Case Study of Chainmail

      • Jeffrey Kock, Benjamin Bradley, Evan Levelle
      Pages 123-134
    10. Compression Support Structures for Slabs

      • Lorenz Lachauer, Philippe Block
      Pages 135-146
    11. Topology Optimisation of Regular and Irregular Elastic Gridshells by Means of a Non-linear Variational Method

      • Elisa Lafuente Hernández, Stefan Sechelmann, Thilo Rörig, Christoph Gengnagel
      Pages 147-160
    12. Pre-defined Open Linear Folded Stripes

      • Rupert Maleczek, Chloé Genevaux
      Pages 175-184
    13. Bitmap-driven Parametric Wall for Robotic Fabrication

      • Pierpaolo Ruttico, Pasquale Lorusso
      Pages 205-212
    14. Architectural Geometry from Research to Practice: The Eiffel Tower Pavilions

      • Alexander Schiftner, Nicolas Leduc, Philippe Bompas, Niccolo Baldassini, Michael Eigensatz
      Pages 213-228
    15. Multiple Nature — Taiwan Tower

      • Kristina Schinegger, Stefan Rutzinger, Arne Hofmann, Dieter Hauer
      Pages 229-236

About this book

Advances in Architectural Geometry is a symposium presenting both theoretical and practical work linked to new geometric developments applicable to architecture.

This symposium aims to gather the diverse components of contemporary architectural trends which push the building envelope towards free form, and which respond to these design challenges with a renewed mathematical rigor.

A research section of 26 papers is preceded by an interview with Frédéric Migayrou (Deputy director of the Musée National d’Art Moderne, Centre de Création Industrielle – Pompidou Centre), where he explores the larger context of free-form architecture with respect to contemporary architectural design and the last two centuries of structural engineering.


  • Architecture
  • Geometry
  • Mathematics
  • Parametric Design
  • Surface modulation

Editors and Affiliations

  • PLP Architecture London, UK

    Lars Hesselgren

  • Buro Happold, London, UK

    Shrikant Sharma

  • TU Graz, AUT

    Johannes Wallner

  • RFR, Paris, FR

    Niccolo Baldassini, Philippe Bompas, Jacques Raynaud

About the editors

Lars Hesselgren is the Director of PLP Research and a Senior Associate Partner at PLP. In 2002 he received the Bentley Lifetime Achievement Award. He is a founder member of the SmartGeometry group ( which is encouraging the spread of parametric thinking as an architectural design discipline, including spearheading Alpha and Beta testing of Bentley Generative Components. The SmartGeometry Workshops and Conferences are now an established premier place to network about the latest digital design technology with conferences in Barcelona (2010), San Francisco (2009), Munich (2008), New York (2007), London (2006), Cambridge Ontario (2004), Cambridge UK (2003). He writes regularly for many publications on a variety of CAD and technology future issues and he lectures extensively both in US and in Europe, both at Industry Events and at Academic venues.
Shrikant Sharma leads SMART Solutions – Buro Happold’s specialist service that offers engineering innovations driven by computational modelling, analysis and simulations. SMART Solutions specialises in the development of efficient solutions for the built environment and beyond. The team, founded by Shrikant in 2002, offers Software Modelling Analysis Research and Technology driven solutions.
Johannes Wallner is a professor of Geometry at Graz University of Technology. He received a Dipl.Ing. (master) degree in Mechanical Engineering from Vienna University of Technology in 1996, and after a master degree in mathematics he went on to do his Ph.D. in Vienna in the same area in 1998. He has held faculty positions in Vienna, Darmstadt and Graz, where he is a full professor of Geometry since 2007. He has authored or coauthored 65 scientific publications in pure and applied geometry, nonlinear approximation theory, geometric computing, and geometry processing, including one monograph together with Helmut Pottmann.

Bibliographic Information

  • Book Title: Advances in Architectural Geometry 2012

  • Editors: Lars Hesselgren, Shrikant Sharma, Johannes Wallner, Niccolo Baldassini, Philippe Bompas, Jacques Raynaud

  • DOI:

  • Publisher: Springer Vienna

  • Copyright Information: Springer-Verlag Wien 2013

  • Edition Number: 1

  • Number of Pages: 343

  • Topics: Building Construction and Design