Marine Oil and Gas Exploration in China

  • Yongsheng Ma

Table of contents

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  2. Introduction and Overview of Major Basins and Marine Strata in China

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  3. Exploration Case Studies

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      Pages 215-215
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      Pages 229-237
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      Pages 239-264
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      Pages 265-283
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      Pages 307-340
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      Pages 489-515
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      Pages 537-570

About this book


This book systematically introduces the petroleum geological characteristics and exploration theory of marine strata in China. On the basis of four major basins, 14 typical cases have been studied in which 13 cases are from conventional oil and gas fields and 1 case is from shale gas field, along with their hydrocarbon generation, migration, accumulation, and distribution characteristics. The book provides a reference for geologists around the globe to understand the exploration history, methods and advances in marine strata oil and gas exploration in China.


Exploration Theory Exploration Case Regional Tectionic Setting Paleogeographic Evolution Typical Oil and Gas Field Marine Source Rock Marine Ultra-Deep Reservoir Hydrocarbon Preservation Marine Oil and Gas Reservoir Shale Gas

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