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Dynamical Analysis of Non-Fourier Heat Conduction and Its Application in Nanosystems


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This thesis studies the general heat conduction law, irreversible thermodynamics and the size effect of thermal conductivity exhibited in nanosystems from the perspective of recently developed thermomass theory. The derivation bridges the microscopic phonon Boltzmann equation and macroscopic continuum mechanics. Key concepts such as entropy production, temperature and the Onsager reciprocal relation are revisited in the case of non-Fourier heat conduction. Lastly, useful expressions are extracted from the picture of phonon gas dynamics and are used to successfully predict effective thermal conductivity in nanosystems.


Effective Thermal Conductivity of Nanosystems Heat Conduction in Nanosystems Irreversible Thermodynamics Non-Fourier Heat Conduction Non-equilibrium Temperature Onsager Reciprocal Relation Phonon Boltzmann Equation Thermal Conductivity of Nanosystems Thermomass Theory

Authors and affiliations

  1. 1.Key Lab for Thermal Sci. and Power Eng.of Ministry of Education, Department of Engi. MechanicsTsinghua UniversityBeijingChina

About the authors

Dr. Dong received his B. S. in Mechnical Engineering in 2008 and Ph. D. degree in Engineering Physics in 2014, both from Tsinghua University.

His research areas are focused on:

1. Nano-scale Heat Transfer: Develop a generalized heat conduction law based on the thermomass theory and the phonon Boltzmann equation, which can predict the nanoscale heat conduction.
2. General Theory for Transport Process and Non-equilibrium Thermodynamics: Revisit the non-equilibrium thermodynamics based on the thermomass theory, Propose a new picture for the entropy production and Onsager reciprocal relations.


1. First Class Award for Outstanding PHD Thesis of Tsinghua University 2014 (25 of 889 Graduated PHD students)
2. Wu Zhonghua Scholarship for graduates 2012 (13 in the Society of Engineering Thermophysics of China)
3. First Class Comprehensive Scholarship for graduates 2013 and 2011
4. First Class Award for Outstanding Youth Conference Paper in Annual Conference of Chinese society of Engineering Thermophysics, Heat and Mass Transfer 2011 (Only 2 for over 600 Papers)
5. Outstanding Graduates of Tsinghua University 2008 (56 of 3044 Students)


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