Measuring Global Media Freedom

The Media Freedom Analyzer as a New Assessment Tool

  • Laura Schneider

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The Media Freedom Analyzer developed by Laura Schneider is a new way to measure global media freedom in a more objective, unbiased and transparent way. Grounded in the opinions of around 1000 experts from 126 countries, the index is the first empirically validated tool to assess free and independent media across the world. The existing press freedom rankings are frequently criticized for being arbitrary and having a Western bias. This book tackles this very problem. In times of widespread populism, disinformation and mistrust in the media, it is vitally important to have an assessment tool that is accepted across cultures.

• Different Concepts of Media Freedom
• Measuring Media Freedom: an Overview
• Critical Analysis of the Five International Media Freedom Indices
• Evaluation of Media Freedom Indicators by Worldwide Experts
• The Media Freedom Analyzer: Construction of a New Measuring Instrument

Target Groups
• Lecturers and students of media studies, communication studies, journalism, social science, political science, international development, and democracy research
• Practitioners in the fields of international development, media development and good governance, activists, NGOs and researchers in the field of freedom of expression

The Author
Dr. Laura Schneider is Head of Research and Evaluation at Deutsche Welle Akademie, Germany’s leading institution for international media development. Her work focuses on the viability of media across the world and the significance of freedom of expression for sustainable development.


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