Effective Implementation of Management Systems

Management Systems as a Success Factor for the Efficiency of Organizations

  • Jan Kopia

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In this book Jan Kopia assesses the problems of the evaluation of integrated management systems. Current scientific research results and its practicality within organizations are presented. This includes aspects of organizational performance and its measurement comprising its shift from purely financially measured methods to multidimensional approaches. Practical solutions for the evaluation of management systems are suggested, which show the strategic relevance of management systems and its influence on process performance. The presented evaluation model offers an extended use of the balanced scorecard together with the strategic map-process, the execution premium and the plan-do-check-act-cycle of management systems providing an approach for scientists and practitioners to use and extend it.

  • Success factors of integrated management systems
  • Leadership styles and organizational knowledge as influence factors of management systems
  • Evaluation of management systems
  • The strategic relevance of management systems

Target Groups
  • Lecturers and students of management and financial services
  • Professionals in management and management systems and specialists in consulting

The Author
Jan Kopia is involved in companies as a consultant, auditor and trainer with various focal points in order to implement and audit management systems efficiently and effectively. Modern research approaches are just as relevant as feasibility and practicability - two areas whose synergies the author uses in his projects to make management systems usefully applicable.


Performance Measurement Measurement of Management Systems Quality Management Efficiency and Effectiveness of Management Systems Integrated Management Systems Strategic relevance of Management Systems

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