Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-IX
  2. Reinhard Haas, Lutz Mez, Amela Ajanovic
    Pages 1-5 Open Access
  3. Maria Rosaria Di Nucci
    Pages 7-34 Open Access
  4. Mycle Schneider, Antony Froggatt
    Pages 35-73 Open Access
  5. Economics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 75-75
    2. Aviel Verbruggen, Yuliya Yurchenko
      Pages 77-95 Open Access
    3. Reinhard Haas, Stephen Thomas, Amela Ajanovic
      Pages 97-115 Open Access
    4. Gustav Resch, Demet Suna
      Pages 117-137 Open Access
    5. Wolfgang Irrek
      Pages 139-166 Open Access
  6. Legislation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 167-167
    2. Tomas Kåberger
      Pages 211-220 Open Access
    3. Stephen D. Thomas
      Pages 221-240 Open Access
  7. Technical

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 241-241
    2. David Reinberger, Amela Ajanovic, Reinhard Haas
      Pages 243-258 Open Access
  8. Nuclear Waste, Proliferation

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 259-259
    2. Ben Wealer, Jan Paul Seidel, Christian von Hirschhausen
      Pages 261-286 Open Access
    3. Gordon MacKerron
      Pages 287-298 Open Access
    4. M. V. Ramana
      Pages 299-319 Open Access
  9. Major Accidents

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 321-321
    2. Nikolaus Mullner
      Pages 323-340 Open Access
    3. Tadahiro Katsuta
      Pages 341-352 Open Access
    4. Eri Kanamori, Tomas Kåberger
      Pages 353-366 Open Access
  10. Alternatives

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 367-367
    2. Reinhard Haas, Hans Auer
      Pages 369-385 Open Access

About this book


This open access book discusses the eroding economics of nuclear power for electricity generation as well as technical, legal, and political acceptance issues. The use of nuclear power for electricity generation is still a heavily disputed issue. Aside from technical risks, safety issues, and the unsolved problem of nuclear waste disposal, the economic performance is currently a major barrier. In recent years, the costs have skyrocketed especially in the European countries and North America. At the same time, the costs of alternatives such as photovoltaics and wind power have significantly decreased. 

  • History and Current Status of the World Nuclear Industry
  • The Dramatic Decrease of the Economics of Nuclear Power
  • Nuclear Policy in the EU 
  • The Legacy of Csernobyl and Fukushima
  • Nuclear Waste and Decommissioning of Nuclear Power Plants 
  • Alternatives: Heading Towards Sustainable Electricity Systems

Target Groups
  • Researchers and students in the fields of political, economic and technical sciences
  • Energy (policy) experts, nuclear energy experts and practitioners, economists, engineers, consultants, civil society organizations

The Editors
Prof. Dr. Reinhard Haas is University Professor of energy economics at the Institute of Energy Systems and Electric Drives at Technische Universität Wien, Austria. 
PD Dr. Lutz Mez is Associate Professor at the Department for Political and Social Sciences of Freie Universität Berlin, Germany.
PD Dr. Amela Ajanovic is a senior researcher and lecturer at the Institute of Energy Systems and Electrical Drives at Technische Universität Wien, Austria.


Economics Nuclear Power Technological developments EURATOM Decommissioning Costs Nuclear Waste Sustainable electricity systems Open Access

Editors and affiliations

  • Reinhard Haas
    • 1
  • Lutz Mez
    • 2
  • Amela Ajanovic
    • 3
  1. 1.Technische Universität WienWienAustria
  2. 2.Freie Universität BerlinBerlinGermany
  3. 3.Technische Universität WienWienAustria

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