Unit Pricing

Empirical Investigations of its Influences at the Product and Retailer Levels

  • Lena Himbert

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With a series of experiments, Lena Himbert highlights the influence of the unit price’s unit of measure on the consumer’s price-level perception and quality perception. Furthermore, this thesis shows that the unit price availability and prominence influences the consumer’s store price image. When shopping for pre-packaged products, consumers are offered a variety of product and price information at the point of purchase. The unit price represents price information given to the consumer for which the factor package size is removed and thereby lowers the information load for consumers in the shopping situation. However, retailers have considerable leeway concerning the unit price format. Aspects that can be varied are for example the unit of measure (e.g., price per kg vs price per 100 g) or font size. There is little to no previous research that gives advice to retailers how they should indicate the unit price on the price label.

  • Categorization and Review of Unit Price Research
  • Legislation and the Importance of Unit Prices in the Marketplace
  • Experiments addressing the influence of unit prices on product level an on retailer level

Target Groups

  • Lecturers and students of business administration, in particular marketing, and psychology 
  • Executives from the fields of price management, marketing and market research 

The Author

Lena Himbert holds a PhD of the University of Kaiserslautern (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Stefan Roth). She works as a consultant for a global management consulting firm focusing on pricing, sales and marketing.


Preismanagement Grundpreise Konsumgütermarketing Marktforschung Influence of unit prices

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