Corporate Disclosures and Financial Risk Assessment

A Dichotomous Data-Analytical Approach Using Multivariate Scoring Models and Scenario Techniques

  • Philipp Kissing

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About this book


This publication links information asymmetries and decision processes of financial investors through quantitative models. The aim is to analyze empirical observations and synthesize outputs in order to add new academic insights with practical pertinence. Multivariate scoring models and statistical analyses investigate situations on the market level that enables corporations to lower their capital costs if specific conditions are met. Scenario techniques and further econometrical models are applied to research the microeconomic level.


  • Theoretical Foundation and Previous Research Results
  • Corporate Disclosures of Mid-Caps and Market Risk Indicators
  • Corporate Disclosures and the Decision-Making-Process of Financial Investors
  • Synthesis of Developed Models

Target Groups

  • Researchers and students of economics, finance and statistics
  • Asset managers, financial managers and analysts

About the Author

Philipp Kissing graduated from the Universities of Mannheim and Münster with a major in quantitative finance. In parallel to his professional activities at the investment management of a German insurance company, he was engaged in a research group in Paris and attained his PhD.


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