Internal Communication in Bangladeshi Ready-Made Garment Factories

Illustration of the Internal Communication System and Its Connection to Labor Unrest

  • Helene Blumer

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About this book


By drawing up a model of the internal communication system of Bangladeshi ready-made garment factories, Helene Blumer identifies the existence and intensity of its communication flows. She furthermore discloses a connection from this communication system to labor unrest. The absence of a functioning formal channel within the factory, the lack of effective labor representation and the rare physical presence of the factory owners confirm the existence of a communication barrier. As symptom of a flawed communication system, this barrier confirms a connection to labor unrest and the management’s unawareness of its emergence, which would thwart any modes to predict and prevent work disruptions.

• Introduction to the Bangladeshi ready-made garment sector
• Illustration of the internal communication system of Bangladeshi ready-made garment factories
• Display of a communication barrier and its connection to labor unrest

Target Groups
• Academics in the fields of corporate responsibility and corporate/internal communication
• Practitioners in the fields of corporate responsibility, corporate communication, development cooperation and garment industry

About the Author
Helene Blumer obtained her Master of Science in Business Administration (major in New Business Development) at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur. She currently works at the Swiss Institute for Entrepreneurship (SIFE) in the fields of corporate responsibility and business internationalization.


Corporate responsibility Communication barrier Corporate communication Upward communication Labor representation Causal Layered Analysis

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