Structure and Control of the Melanocyte

Sixth International Pigment Cell Conference sponsored by The International Union Against Cancer

  • G. Della Porta
  • O. Mühlbock

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
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  2. A. C. J. Burgers
    Pages 6-16
  3. Joseph T. Bagnara
    Pages 16-28
  4. Irving I. Geschwind
    Pages 28-44
  5. Ronald R. Novales, Barbara Jean Novales
    Pages 52-59
  6. Richard S. Snell, Aaron B. Lerner
    Pages 59-69
  7. Zdeněk Pechan, Jiří Duchoň
    Pages 78-82
  8. F. C. G. Van De Veerdonk
    Pages 82-85
  9. G. Della Porta, O. Mühlbock
    Pages 85-89
  10. Kiichi Ishikawa, Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, George Szabó
    Pages 95-114
  11. N. C. Robson, G. A. Swan
    Pages 155-162
  12. J. Duchoň, B. Matouš, Z. Pechan
    Pages 175-184
  13. H. Pandov, A. Dikov
    Pages 199-205
  14. L. Szodoray, C. Nagy-Vezekényi
    Pages 205-210
  15. G. Della Porta, O. Mühlbock
    Pages 211-218
  16. R. Raichev
    Pages 219-227
  17. Walter C. Quevedo Jr., Merry C. Youle, David T. Rovee, Theresa C. Bienieki
    Pages 228-241
  18. Andrzej Bomirski, Lidia Nowińska, Fryderyk Pautsch
    Pages 252-259
  19. Feroze N. Ghadially, Otto Illman
    Pages 259-268
  20. B. Oberman, M. R. Rivière
    Pages 268-273
  21. O. Costachel, I. Popp, S. Dumitrescu, St. Mironescu, M. Nachtigal
    Pages 280-282
  22. G. Della Porta, O. Mühlbock
    Pages 283-285
  23. N. Anchev, Iv. Popov, R. L. Ikonopisov
    Pages 286-292
  24. A. G. Oettlé
    Pages 292-308
  25. S. B. Balmukhanov, S. N. Nugmanov, V. A. Smirnov
    Pages 308-311
  26. V. J. McGovern
    Pages 312-316
  27. G. Della Porta, O. Mühlbock
    Pages 316-318
  28. Umberto Veronesi, Maurizio Turri, Natale Cascinelli
    Pages 319-324
  29. S. Simić, M. Putnik, S. Nikolić
    Pages 332-333
  30. C. I. Cooling
    Pages 336-337
  31. A. A. Sahatchiev, R. D. Raichev, M. Ivanova
    Pages 338-340
  32. Z. V. Golbert, N. P. Poplyan, P. O. Ulyanetskaya
    Pages 340-341
  33. T. G. Larioshchenko, T. D. Shcholokova
    Pages 341-342
  34. B. Krustev, R. L. Ikonopisov, St. Kirov, G. Djubeliev, M. Jordanov
    Pages 342-344

About these proceedings


The first five International Pigment Cell Conferences have all been held in U.S.A., from 1948 to 1961. The late MYRON GORDON (1899-1959), was one of their initiators and was the person who was able to give a skillful continuity to these Conferences which have permitted a gathering together of the multiple aspects of investigations in pigment cell biology, including the clinical problem of melanomas. During the International Cancer Congress in Moscow, in 1962, mem­ bers of the Oncological Research Institute in Sofia offered to organize the Sixth Pigment Cell Conference. Because of their interest and experience in the field of experimental and human melanomas, this seemed highly appropriate. The International Union Against Cancer agreed to sponsor the Conference, since one of the final goals of studies in pigment cell bio­ logy is certainly the control of the neoplastic deviation of the melanocyte. Thus, for the first time, the Pigment Cell Conference was held in Europe. After discussions with various investigators, the Program Com­ mittee decided to limit somewhat the chemical and biological part of the program in order to allow relatively more space to electron microscopy of the melanocyte, biology of experimental melanomas, and epidemiology and clinical aspects of human melanomas.


biology cancer cell cell biology epidemiology hormones melanoma metastasis oncology regulation skin therapy tissue transplantation tumor

Editors and affiliations

  • G. Della Porta
    • 1
  • O. Mühlbock
    • 2
  1. 1.National Cancer InstituteMilanoItaly
  2. 2.The Netherlands Cancer InstituteAmsterdamThe Netherlands

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