Cardiac Reconstructions

  • Probal K. Ghosh
  • Felix Unger

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XIV
  2. On Cardiac Reconstructions

    1. P. K. Ghosh
      Pages 1-5
  3. Reconstruction in Congenital Lesions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 7-7
    2. T. Ebels, A. H. Cromme-Dijkhuis, A. Eijgelaar, M. J. M. Schasfoort-van Leeuwen, E. J. Meijboom, J. N. Homan van der Heide
      Pages 8-14
    3. A. E. Urban, A. M. Brecher, M. Pozzi, J. Remig
      Pages 15-19
    4. W. R. Thies, W. Matthies, T. Breymann, H. Meyer, R. Körfer
      Pages 20-24
    5. N. K. Bhatnagar, J. D. Wisheart
      Pages 38-43
    6. G. Touati, F. Leca, P. Vouhe, P. M. Roux, F. Baillot-Vernant, P. Mauriat et al.
      Pages 44-47
    7. P. M. Roux, A. Serraf, G. Touati, P. Vouhe, O. Bical, F. Baillot-Vernant et al.
      Pages 48-51
    8. H. Greve, H. Dittrich
      Pages 52-58
  4. Tricuspid Valve Reconstructions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 73-73
    2. R. Rivera
      Pages 74-81
    3. V. Dottori, R. Perrin, M. Benoit, J.-P. Bex
      Pages 82-84
    4. H. D. Schulte, W. Bircks, D. Horstkotte
      Pages 85-91
    5. S. Khonsari, C. Sintek, P. Sidhu, M. Singh, A. Fletcher
      Pages 101-107
    6. M. Cotrufo, R. Bellitti, D. Casale, T. S. L. De Luca, P. Santé, A. d’Angelo et al.
      Pages 108-112
    7. I. Sheiban, D. Casarotto, G. P. Trevi, R. Accardi, P. Benussi, A. Marini et al.
      Pages 113-118
  5. Mitral Valve Reconstructions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 119-119
    2. P. K. Ghosh
      Pages 120-150
    3. E. Castells, J. M. Calbet, C. Fontanillas, E. Saura, M. C. Octavio de Toledo, M. Puig Massana
      Pages 151-156
    4. M. K. Erk, M. Yuksel
      Pages 157-163
    5. H. Oelert, S. Iversen, M. Dahm, U. Hake, W. Schmiedt
      Pages 164-170
    6. M. Salati, P. Di Biasi, P. Fundarò, C. Santoli
      Pages 171-175
    7. A. Lessana, M. Romano, C. Carbone, E. Palsky, V. Svilarich, G. Timsit
      Pages 176-182
    8. C. Valfré, C. Zussa, L. Salvador, R. Canola, F. Rocco
      Pages 193-199
    9. A. M. Perna, F. Mori, M. Cassai, G. Barletta, L. Benelli, G. de Saint Pierre et al.
      Pages 200-206
    10. C. Zussa, C. Valfré, R. W. M. Frater, E. Polesel
      Pages 207-210
    11. M. Dahm, S. Iversen, F.-X. Schmid, M. Drexler, R. Erbel, H. Oelert
      Pages 211-215
  6. Aortic Valve Reconstructions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 217-217
    2. P. K. Ghosh
      Pages 218-225
    3. H. D. Schulte, J. Winter, D. Horstkotte, W. Bircks
      Pages 226-230
  7. Septal and Left Ventricular Reconstructions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 231-231
    2. H. Y. Karagoz, O. Tasdemir, K. Babacan, Y. Zorlutuna, C. Yakut, K. Bayazit
      Pages 235-242
    3. G. Minzioni, C. Goggi, M. Rinaldi, A. Graffigna, A. Intili, M. Vigano
      Pages 243-253
    4. D. Loisance, H. Poulain, J. P. Cachera
      Pages 254-259
    5. A. H. Piwnica, P. Menasche, F. Laborde, M. Romano, I. Abdelmeguid
      Pages 260-264
    6. V. Dor, J. Jourdan, P. Coste, J. Viglione, M. Saab, D. Grinneiser et al.
      Pages 265-274
    7. G. Besa, R. Ragusa, A. Scafuri, G. Gamba, A. Norsa, N. Ivic et al.
      Pages 275-280
    8. H. A. Huysmans, G. L. van Rijk-Zwikker
      Pages 281-285
    9. M. A. Brand, H.-R. Zerkowski, N. Doetsch, R. Müller, K. Donhuijsen, M. Wehr et al.
      Pages 286-291
  8. Coronary Artery Reconstructions

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 309-309

About these proceedings


Attempts to reconstruct various parts of the heart started even before the beginning of open cardiac surgery. By the late 1950s and early 1960 s several closed and open procedures had already been described. In that era, several surgeons in Europe and the Americas were particularly prompted to develop various techniques of valve re­ construction because of the lack of acceptable valve prostheses and conduits which have become available subsequently. At that time, several congenital lesions still defied definitive correction, and clinical attempts at left ventricular wall replacement had not yet got under way. A renaissance in different cardiac reconstructive procedures started at the beginning of the 1980s. As the problems relating to valve prostheses became more generally appreciated and the importance of chamber volumes and geometry (atrial or ventricular) was accorded due importance in the long-term follow-up, there was a resurgence of surgical attempts at reconstruction in congenital and acquired cardiac lesions so as to approximate the natural state. At the same time several characteristics of this reconstructive "discipline" became apparent. First, cardiac reconstructive surgery has remained a surgical "art" with a gradually increasing number of interested cardiac surgeons.


Cardiac surgery Herzchirugie Herzklappenchirugie Kardio-Rekonstruktionschirugie Koronarchirugie angeborene Herzfehler congenital heart disease coronary artery surgery heart valve surgery reconstructive surgery surgery

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