Cell to Cell Signals in Mammalian Development

  • S. W. de Laat
  • J. G. Bluemink
  • C. L. Mummery
Conference proceedings

Part of the NATO ASI Series book series (volume 26)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-VIII
  2. Homeodomain Containing Genes: Structure and Role in Development

    1. N. Papalopulu, A. Graham, J. Lorimer, R. Kenny, J. McVey, R. Krumlauf
      Pages 9-21
    2. Frits Meijlink, Lia de Laaf, Peter Verrijzer, Wim de Graaff, Jacqueline Deschamps
      Pages 23-41
    3. Ward F. Odenwald, James Garbern, Heinz Arnheiter, Elizabeth Tournier-Lasserve, Hilary A. Overton, Robert A. Lazzarini
      Pages 53-61
    4. James Garbern, Ward Odenwald, Elizabeth Tournier-Lasserve, Robert Lazzarini
      Pages 63-73
    5. Elizabeth Tournier-Lasserve, Ward F. Odenwald, James Garbern, Robert A. Lazzarini
      Pages 75-84
    6. Debra J. Wolgemuth, Margaret Mostoller, Carolyn M. Viviano, Zahra F. Zakeri, Yasuhisa Iwaoki, George L. Mutter
      Pages 85-96
    7. Denis Duboule, Brigitte Galliot, Agnès Baron, Mark S. Featherstone
      Pages 97-108
  3. Extracellular Matrices and Cell Adhesion Molecules

    1. Jean Paul Thiery
      Pages 109-128
    2. C. Goridis, M.-J. Santoni, M.-R. Hirsch, J. Barbas, D. Barthels, W. Wille
      Pages 129-143
  4. Growth Factors, Receptors and Oncogenes: Structure and Function

    1. J. Schlessinger, A. M. Honegger, A. Ullrich
      Pages 153-162
    2. L. H. K. Defize, J. Boonstra, P. M. P. van Bergen en Henegouwen, A. J. Verkley, S. W. de Laat
      Pages 163-181
    3. E. Van Obberghen, S. Gammeltoft, Y. Le Marchand-Brustel, R. Ballotti
      Pages 183-192
    4. W. H. Moolenaar
      Pages 209-217
  5. Growth Factors, Receptors and Oncogenes: Role in Differentiation and Development

    1. John K. Heath, Austin G. Smith, Alan J. Wills, Dylan R. Edwards
      Pages 219-229
    2. C. L. Mummery, J. van den Eijnden-van Raaij, A. Feijen, H.-C. Tsung, W. Kruijer
      Pages 231-245
    3. A. H. Piersma, A. Willemse, C. E. van den Brink, S. W. de Laat, C. L. Mummery
      Pages 247-260
    4. Björn Vennström, Hartmut Beug, Douglas Forrest, Ann Johnsson, Khash Khazaie, Alberto Munoz et al.
      Pages 289-300
    5. Erwin F. Wagner, R. Lindsay Williams, Ulrich Rüther
      Pages 301-310
    6. David G. Wilkinson, Juliet A. Bailes, Andrew P. McMahon
      Pages 311-317
  6. Back Matter
    Pages 319-324

About these proceedings


Developmental biology deals with the regulatory principles underlying the generation of a new organism. The up-to-date knowledge of the molecular and cellular mechanisms that guide mammalian development from a single cell through a complex and integrated process of cell multiplication, differentiation and organisation of cells into tissues and organs is presented in this volume. Aspects of the molecular nature and developmental significance of cell-to-cell signals focus on: - hoxgenes, their products and potential role in mammalian morphogenesis; - growth factors, their receptors and signal transduction, and their role in guiding cell multiplication, differentiation and transformation; and - cell adhesion and extracellular matrix molecules, as short-range cell-to-cell signals in mammalian development.


Activation DNA carcinoma cell cellular mechanisms developmental biology gene expression morphogenesis oncogene oncogenes regulation stem cell stem cells tissue transcription

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  • S. W. de Laat
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  • J. G. Bluemink
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  • C. L. Mummery
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  1. 1.Hubrecht LaboratoryThe Netherlands Institute for Developmental BiologyUtrechtThe Netherlands

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