CARS 2002 Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery

Proceedings of the 16th International Congress and Exhibition Paris, June 26–29,2002

  • Heinz U. Lemke
  • Kiyonari Inamura
  • Kunio Doi
  • Michael W. Vannier
  • Allan G. Farman
  • Johan H. C. Reiber

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XLVII
  2. 6th Annual Conference of the International Society for Computer Aided Surgery — ISCAS

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Surgical Simulation

      1. Stefan Zachow, Evgeny Gladilin, Hans-Christian Hege, Peter Deuflhard
        Pages 3-6
      2. Leonard Sibille, Matthias Teschner, Sakti Srivastava, Jean-Claude Latombe
        Pages 7-12
      3. Megumi Nakao, Tomohiro Kuroda, Hiroshi Oyama, Masaru Komori, Tetsuya Matsuda, Takashi Takahashi
        Pages 13-18
      4. M. Maggio Binucci, C. Lamberti, R. Gori, L. Montagna, A. Sarti
        Pages 19-24
      5. J. P. Friconneau, M. Karouia, F. Gosselin, Ph. Gravez, N. Bonnet, P. Leprince
        Pages 31-36
      6. Kevin Montgomery, Cynthia Bruyns, Anil Menona
        Pages 37-42
      7. F. B. Sachse, G. Seemann, M. B. Mohr, L. G. Blümcke, C. D. Werner
        Pages 43-48
      8. G. Seemann, F. B. Sachse, C. D. Werner, O. Dössel
        Pages 49-54
      9. Yoshihiro Kuroda, Megumi Nakao, Silke Hacker, Tomohiro Kuroda, Hiroshi Oyama, Masaru Komori et al.
        Pages 55-59
    3. Surgical Navigation

      1. Thomas Langø, Jon Bang, Frank Lindseth, Toril A. Nagelhus Hernes
        Pages 63-68
      2. Junichi Tokuda, Shigehiro Morikawa, Takeyoshi Dohi, Nobuhiko Hata
        Pages 69-73
      3. A. Austad, O. J. Elle, L. Aurdal, E. Samset, H. Fontenelle, E. Fosse et al.
        Pages 80-85
      4. S. Weihe, D. Engel, M. Wehmöller, J. Raczkowsky, C. Rasche, S. Hassfeld et al.
        Pages 86-91
      5. R. J. Bale, M. Vogele, T. Lang, P. Kovacs, M. Rieger, M. Freund et al.
        Pages 92-97
    4. Surgical Education and Training

      1. Ulrike Höfer, Thomas Langen, Justin Nziki, Frank Zeitler, Jürgen Hesser, Ulrich Müller et al.
        Pages 101-106
      2. Wolfgang Müller-Wittig, Mario Becker, Thomas Elias, Ulrich Bockholt, Gerrit Voss
        Pages 107-112
      3. M. Alcañiz, I. Blanquer, J. García-Collada, V. Hernández, U. Meier, C. Monserrat
        Pages 113-118
    5. Image Guided Neurosurgery

      1. Marloes M. J. Letteboer, Peter W. A. Willems, Pierre Hellier, Wiro J. Niessen
        Pages 121-126
      2. Tormod Selbekk, Geirmund Unsgård, Steinar Ommedal, Tomm Muller, Sverre Torp, Gunnar Myhr et al.
        Pages 133-138
      3. Ch. Nimsky, O. Ganslandt, R. Fahlbuscha
        Pages 139-143
      4. Hiroki Taniguchi, Hiroshi Iseki, Takaomi Taira, Hiroshi Shirakawa, Hideaki Iwano, Yoshihiro Muragaki et al.
        Pages 144-149
      5. T. Rohlfing, C. R. Maurer Jr., D. L. G. Hill, T. Hartkens, W. A. Hall, C. L. Truwit et al.
        Pages 150-155
      6. S. K. Rosahl, A. Gharabaghi, T. Liebig, C. Dalle-Feste, M. Samii
        Pages 156-160
      7. Qing Hang Li, Lucía Zamorano, Abhilash Pandya, Jianxing Gong, Fernando Diaz
        Pages 167-172
    6. Robotics and Telesurgery

      1. Jocelyne Troccaz, Peter Berkelman, Philippe Cinquin, Adriana Vilchis-Gonzales
        Pages 175-180
    7. Surgical Robotics and Instrumentation

      1. Y. Yamauchi, J. Yamashita, Y. Fukui, K. Yokoyama, T. Sekiya, E. Ito et al.
        Pages 183-187
      2. O. J. Elle, M. G. Gulbrandsen, E. Samset, G. ten Cate, L. Aurdal, A. Austad et al.
        Pages 188-193
      3. Hsiao-Wei Tang, Hendrik Van Brussela, Philippe Koninckx, Jos Vander Slotenc
        Pages 200-205
      4. Tobias Ortmaier, Martin Gröger, Gerd Hirzinger
        Pages 206-211
      5. Dirk Engel, Joerg Raczkowsky, Heinz Woern
        Pages 212-217
      6. Kevin Cleary, Alexandru Patriciu, Sheng Xu, Mihai Mocanu, Dan Stoianovici
        Pages 218-223
      7. Kenta Hori, Tomohiro Kuroda, Hiroshi Oyama, Yasuhiko Ozaki, Takehiko Nakamura, Takashi Takahashi
        Pages 224-229
    8. Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

      1. John C. Chiu, Thomas J. Clifford, Robert A. Princenthal, Romulo B. Sison
        Pages 233-237
      2. Michael W. Vannier
        Pages 238-243
    9. Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery

      1. N. W. L. Schep, Th. van Walsum, J. S. de Graaf, I. A. M. J. Broeders, Ch. van der Werken
        Pages 247-251
      2. A. Petersik, B. Pflesser, U. Tiede, K. H. Höhne, R. Leuwer
        Pages 252-257
      3. Satoshi Ishida, Nobuhiko Hata, Takashi Azuma, Shinichiro Umemura, Takeyoshi Dohi
        Pages 258-262
      4. J. Sabczynski, E. Hille, S. Dries, W. Zylka, L. Tafler, P. Haaker et al.
        Pages 263-268
      5. L. Ritter, M. Liévin, R. Sader, H-F. Zeilhofer, E. Keeve
        Pages 269-274
      6. R. Phillips, V. Peter, G-E. Faure, Q. Li, K. P. Sherman, W. J. Viant et al.
        Pages 275-280
      7. Nobuhiko Sugano, Toshihiko Sasama, Shunsaku Nishihara, Hisanobu Nakase, Takashi Nishii, Hidenobu Miki et al.
        Pages 281-284
      8. Z. Król, M. Chlebiej, P. Zerfass, H.-F. Zeilhofer, R. Sader, P. Mikołajczak et al.
        Pages 285-290
      9. R. Dumas, V. Lafage, J. P. Steib, D. Mitton, J. A. de Guise, W. Skalli
        Pages 291-296

About these proceedings


Progess in specific computer-assisted techniques (digital imaging , computer-aided diagnosis, image-guided surgery, MEMS, etc.) combined with computer-assisted integration tools offers a valuable complement to or replacement for existing procedures in healthcare. Physicians are now employing PACS and telemedicine systems as enabling infrastructures to improve quality of and access to healthcare. Tools based on CAD and CAS facilitate completely new paths in patient care. To ensure that CARS tools benefit the patient, collaboration between various disciplines, specifically radiology, surgery, engineering, informatics, and healthcare management, is a critical factor. A multidisciplinary congress like CARS is a step in the desired direction of knowledge sharing and crossover education. It provides the necessary cooperative framework for advancing the development and application of modern computer-assisted technologies in healthcare.


Computer Assisted Medicine Surgery computer diagnosis imaging radiology

Editors and affiliations

  • Heinz U. Lemke
    • 1
  • Kiyonari Inamura
    • 2
  • Kunio Doi
    • 3
  • Michael W. Vannier
    • 4
  • Allan G. Farman
    • 5
  • Johan H. C. Reiber
    • 6
  1. 1.Computer Graphics and Computer Assisted Medicine, Secr.FR 3-3Technical University BerlinBerlinGermany
  2. 2.Faculty of Medicine, School of Allied Health Sciences, Department of Radiological Technology & Medical EngineeringOsaka UniversitySuita City, OsakaJapan
  3. 3.Department of Radiology, Kurt Rossmann LaboratoriesUniversity of Chicago HospitalsChicagoUSA
  4. 4.College of Medicine, Department of RadiologyThe University of IowaIowa CityUSA
  5. 5.School of Dentistry, Department of Diagnosis and General DentistryUniversity of LouisvilleLouisvilleUSA
  6. 6.Division of Image Processing, Department of RadiologyLeiden University Medical CenterLeidenThe Netherlands

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