Drug Discovery in Africa

Impacts of Genomics, Natural Products, Traditional Medicines, Insights into Medicinal Chemistry, and Technology Platforms in Pursuit of New Drugs

  • Kelly Chibale
  • Mike Davies-Coleman
  • Collen Masimirembwa

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xx
  2. John A. Beutler, Gordon M. Cragg, David J. Newman
    Pages 29-52
  3. Digby F. Warner, Valerie Mizrahi
    Pages 53-84
  4. Collen Masimirembwa, Roslyn Thelingwani
    Pages 151-191
  5. Michael T. Davies-Coleman, Suthananda N. Sunassee
    Pages 193-209
  6. Kerstin Andrae-Marobela, Aku N. Ntumy, Masego Mokobela, Mthandazo Dube, Angelina Sosome, Mbaki Muzila et al.
    Pages 239-264
  7. Philippe Rasoanaivo, Solofoniaina Razafimahefa
    Pages 265-292
  8. John Okombo, Leah Mwai, Alexis Nzila
    Pages 301-324
  9. R. Hewer, F. H. Kriel, J. Coates
    Pages 325-354
  10. Rose Hayeshi, Boitumelo Semete, Lonji Kalombo, Lebogang Katata, Yolandy Lemmer, Paula Melariri et al.
    Pages 407-429
  11. Back Matter
    Pages 431-438

About this book


Drug discovery originating in Africa has the potential to provide significantly improved treatment of endemic diseases such as malaria, tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS. This book critically reviews the current status of drug discovery research and development in Africa, for diseases that are a major threat to the health of people living in Africa. Compiled by leading African and international experts, this book presents the science and strategies of modern drug discovery. It explores how the use of natural products and traditional medicines can benefit from conventional drug discovery approaches, and proposes solutions to current technological, infrastructural, human resources, and economic challenges, which are presented when attempting to engage in full-scale drug discovery. Topics addressed are varied; from African medicinal plants to marine bioprospecting, pharmacogenetics and the use of nanotechnology. This book brings together for the first time a collection of strategies and techniques that need to be considered when developing drugs in an African setting. It is an unprecedented and truly international effort, highlighting the remarkable effort made so far in the area of drug discovery research by African scientists, and scientists from other parts of the world working on African health problems.


African medicinal plants Bioprospecting Indigenous traditional medicines Kelly Chibale Natural Products Pan African Natural Products Library Pharmacogenetics Research and Development in Africa Traditional medicines Tropical infectious diseases

Editors and affiliations

  • Kelly Chibale
    • 1
  • Mike Davies-Coleman
    • 2
  • Collen Masimirembwa
    • 3
  1. 1., Dept. of ChemistryUniversity of Cape TownRondeboschSouth Africa
  2. 2., Department of ChemistryRhodes UniversityGrahamstownSouth Africa
  3. 3.and TechnologyAfrican Institute of Biomedical ScienceHarareZimbabwe

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