Carbon Sequestration in Agricultural Soils

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Innovative Methods

  • Alessandro Piccolo

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Davide Savy, Antonio Nebbioso, Rocío Dánica Cóndor, Marina Vitullo
    Pages 21-37
  3. Carlo Grignani, Francesco Alluvione, Chiara Bertora, Laura Zavattaro, Massimo Fagnano, Nunzio Fiorentino et al.
    Pages 39-60
  4. Giuseppe Celano, Francesco Alluvione, Mostafa Abdel Aziz Ali Mohamed, Riccardo Spaccini
    Pages 107-144
  5. Valeria Ventorino, Anna De Marco, Olimpia Pepe, Amalia Virzo De Santo, Giancarlo Moschetti
    Pages 145-177
  6. Carmine Crecchio, Silvia Pascazio, Pacifico Ruggiero
    Pages 209-228
  7. Antonio Gelsomino, Maria Rosaria Panuccio, Agostino Sorgonà, Maria Rosa Abenavoli, Maurizio Badiani
    Pages 261-290
  8. Stefano Mazzoleni, Giuliano Bonanomi, Francesco Giannino, Guido Incerti, Daniela Piermatteo, Riccardo Spaccini et al.
    Pages 291-307

About this book


This compilation of techniques, methodologies and scientific data arises from a four-year Italian research project, which took place at university research stations in Turin, Piacenza, Naples and Potenza. Soil Organic Matter (SOM) represents an active and essential pool of the total organic carbon on the planet. Consequently, even small changes in this SOM carbon pool may have a significant impact on the concentration of atmospheric CO2. Recent new understanding of the chemical nature of SOM indicates that innovative and sustainable technologies may be applied to sequester carbon in agricultural soils. Overall results of the project have been applied to develop an innovative model for the prediction and description, both quantitatively and qualitatively, of carbon sequestration in agricultural soils. This book provides experts in different areas of soil science with a complete picture of the effects of new soil management methods and their potentials for practical application in farm management.


Biomimetic catalysis Carbon Dynamics Carbon Sequestration Dynamics Crop Roots Architecture Nutrients Balance Organic farming Productive Yields Soil Organic Matter (SOM)

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