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Manifesto of the New Economy

Institutions and Business Models of the Digital Society


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  • The book is about the future development of the digital society, social search engines of the new generation, and crowdsourcing (collaboration) in information processing

  • The book examines future development of social networks and their way to monetization. It presents the business model for content producing industries, which further existence is questionable due to rapidly decreasing copyright working capacity

  • Some chapters are about the economics of people’s personal time and laws of emotional asymmetry in information perception – knowledge of such laws helps people to manage their subjective sensation of happiness

  • Includes supplementary material:

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Table of contents (4 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-vi
  2. Introduction

    • Alexander Dolgin
    Pages 1-3Open Access
  3. The Second Invisible Hand of the Market

    • Alexander Dolgin
    Pages 5-50Open Access
  4. Conclusion

    • Alexander Dolgin
    Pages 113-116Open Access
  5. Back Matter

    Pages 117-143

About this book

  • How do social networking services earn money?
  • What is the "second hand of the market" and how does it operate?
  • Why does society need so many different kinds of goods?
  • What does happiness economics not reveal about happiness?
  • What is the link between talent, success and “stardom”?
  • What is the business development  model for the entertainment and media industry?
  • What is emotional hysteresis?
  • How can we measure cultural values?
  • What is subjective time and how can it be made qualitative?
  • What is club economics?

You can find the answers to all these questions in the book.

It describes the main trends in development of our digital society. It appeals to those who are curious about what will replace search engines, and how social networking services will evolve. It is about the profit from different forms of informational collaboration (crowdsourcing, collaborative filtering) and how it will affect the structure of the society and human pursuit for happiness.


  • business model
  • crowdsourcing
  • cultural economics
  • happiness
  • social network


From the reviews:

“In a thought-provoking but easily read presentation, Dolgin helps us see the transformative times in which we live. Anyone seeking to understand the relationship between individuals and groups in our modern economic and social dynamics will want to spend some time reading this book. Dolgin’s approach is jargon and formula free. No special reader expertise is required. … In summary, this presentation allows the reader to understand the significance of the transformations occurring in the world in which we are immersed.” (Brad Reid, ACM Computing Reviews, July, 2012)

Authors and Affiliations

  • Moscow State School of Economics, Moscow, Russia

    Alexander Dolgin

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Softcover Book
USD 59.95
Price excludes VAT (USA)
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