Challenges and Opportunities in Agrometeorology

  • S.D. Attri
  • L.S. Rathore
  • M.V.K. Sivakumar
  • S.K. Dash

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxiv
  2. S. K. Dash, Savita Rai, U. C. Mohanty, S. K. Panda
    Pages 13-34
  3. U. C. Mohanty, S. Pattanayak, A. J. Litta, A. Routray, O. Krishna Kishore
    Pages 35-59
  4. Manish K. Joshi, K. C. Tripathi, Avinash C. Pandey, I. M. L. Das
    Pages 73-81
  5. M. V. Subrahmanyam, T. Satyanarayana, K. P. R. Vittal Murthy
    Pages 123-138
  6. Ravi P. Shukla, K. C. Tripathi, Sandipan Mukherjee, Avinash C. Pandey, I. M. L. Das
    Pages 139-147
  7. A. J. Litta, U. C. Mohanty, S. C. Bhan, M. Mohapatra
    Pages 173-186
  8. L. S. Rathore, S. K. Roy Bhowmik, N. Chattopadhyay
    Pages 195-205
  9. Mark S. Brooks, Aaron P. Sims, Ashley N. Frazier, Ryan P. Boyles, Ameenulla Syed, Sethu Raman
    Pages 245-255
  10. M. C. Varshneya, N. Kale, V. B. Vaidya, Vyas Pandey, B. I. Karande
    Pages 263-271
  11. V. U. M. Rao, A. V. M. S. Rao, G. G. S. N. Rao, T. Satyanarayana, N. Manikandan, B. Venkateshwarlu
    Pages 311-319
  12. S. R. Patel, S. Tabasum, A. S. Nain, R. Singh, A. S. R. A. S. Sastri
    Pages 369-384
  13. Ajay Singh, Vinayak S. Phadke, Anand Patwardhan
    Pages 421-433
  14. Chen Huailiang, Zhang Hongwei, Xue Changying
    Pages 435-459
  15. M. E. Moeletsi, N. S. Mpandeli, E. A. R. Mellaart
    Pages 485-490
  16. Ananta Vashisth, N. V. K. Chakravarty, Goutam Bhagavati, P. K. Sharma
    Pages 519-528
  17. Venkatesh Bharadwaj, A. K. Mishra, S. K. Singh, S. P. Pachauri, P. P. Singh
    Pages 539-549
  18. P. K. Singh, L. S. Rathore, K. K. Singh, B. Athiyaman
    Pages 579-595
  19. Back Matter
    Pages 597-600

About this book


The global food security and sustainable agriculture are the key challenges before the scientific community in the present era of enhanced climate variability, rapidly rising population and dwindling resources. No part of the world is immune from meteorological extremes of one sort or another posing threat to the food security. Agrometeorology has to make most efficient use of the opportunities available in achieving the objectives of enhancing productivity and maintenance of sustainability. Increased awareness and technological advancement have provided opportunities to develop efficient agrometeorological services that can help cope with risks. These include improvements in weather forecasting, better understanding of the monsoon variability and crop-weather relationships, advances in operational agrometeorology and agrometeorological information systems, adaptation strategies to climate change and improved risk evaluation and management. This book based on an International Workshop held in New Delhi, India should be of interest to all organizations and agencies interested in agrometeorological applications


Advances in operational agrometeorology agrometeorological information systems agrometeorological risk management crop-weather relations weather forecasting

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  • S.D. Attri
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  • L.S. Rathore
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  • M.V.K. Sivakumar
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  • S.K. Dash
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  1. 1.and Research Centre, India Meteorological DepartmentEnvironmental MonitoringNew DelhiIndia
  2. 2., India Meteorological DepartmentHead AgrometNew DelhiIndia
  3. 3., Climate and Water ProgrammeWorld Meteorological OrganizationGenevaSwitzerland
  4. 4., IITCentre for Atmospheric SciencesNew DelhiIndia

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