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Polymer Thermodynamics

Liquid Polymer-Containing Mixtures

  • Bernhard A. Wolf
  • Sabine Enders

Part of the Advances in Polymer Science book series (POLYMER, volume 238)

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Making Flory-Huggins Practical: Thermodynamics of Polymer-Containing Mixtures, by B. A. Wolf
Aqueous Solutions of Polyelectrolytes: Vapor-Liquid Equilibrium and Some Related Properties, by G. Maurer, S. Lammertz, and L. Ninni Schäfer
Gas-Polymer Interactions: Key Thermodynamic Data and Thermophysical Properties, by J.-P. E. Grolier, and S. A.E. Boyer
Interfacial Tension in Binary Polymer Blends and the Effects of Copolymers as Emulsifying Agents, by S. H. Anastasiadis
Theory of Random Copolymer Fractionation in Columns, by Sabine Enders
Computer Simulations and Coarse-Grained Molecular Models Predicting the Equation of State of Polymer Solutions, by K. Binder, B. Mognetti, W. Paul, P. Virnau, and L. Yelash
Modeling of Polymer Phase Equilibria Using Equations of State, by G. Sadowski


Binary Polymer Blends Coarse-Grained Molecular Models Emulsifying Agents Flory–Huggins Gas–Polymer Interactions Modeling of Polymer Phase Equilibria Polyelectrolytes Polymer Thermodynamics Polymer-Containing Mixtures Random Copolymer Fractionation Vapor–Liquid Equilibrium

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