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Advances in Information Retrieval

32nd European Conference on IR Research, ECIR 2010, Milton Keynes, UK, March 28-31, 2010.Proceedings

  • Cathal Gurrin
  • Yulan He
  • Gabriella Kazai
  • Udo Kruschwitz
  • Suzanne Little
  • Thomas Roelleke
  • Stefan Rüger
  • Keith van Rijsbergen
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Conference proceedings ECIR 2010

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5993)

Table of contents

  1. Regular Papers

    1. Evaluation

      1. Claudia Hauff, Leif Azzopardi, Djoerd Hiemstra, Franciska de Jong
        Pages 204-216
    2. Multimedia IR

      1. Konstantinos Athanasakos, Vassilios Stathopoulos, Joemon M. Jose
        Pages 217-228
      2. Hung-sik Kim, Hau-Wen Chang, Jeongkyu Lee, Dongwon Lee
        Pages 229-240
      3. Robin Aly, Aiden Doherty, Djoerd Hiemstra, Alan Smeaton
        Pages 241-252
      4. Sebastián Peña Saldarriaga, Emmanuel Morin, Christian Viard-Gaudin
        Pages 253-264
    3. Distributed IR and Performance Issues

      1. Ingemar Cox, Jianhan Zhu, Ruoxun Fu, Lars Kai Hansen
        Pages 265-280
      2. Marcelo Mendoza, Mauricio Marín, Flavio Ferrarotti, Barbara Poblete
        Pages 281-292
      3. Odysseas Papapetrou, Wolf Siberski, Norbert Fuhr
        Pages 293-305
      4. Ismail Sengor Altingovde, Duygu Atilgan, Özgür Ulusoy
        Pages 306-318
    4. IR Theory and Formal Models

      1. Krisztian Balog, Marc Bron, Maarten de Rijke
        Pages 319-331
      2. Shivani Agarwal, Michael Collins
        Pages 332-343
      3. Xinhui Tu, Tingting He, Long Chen, Jing Luo, Maoyuan Zhang
        Pages 370-381
    5. Personalization and Recommendation

      1. Jennifer Redpath, David H. Glass, Sally McClean, Luke Chen
        Pages 394-406
      2. David Vallet, Iván Cantador, Joemon M. Jose
        Pages 420-431
      3. Morgan Harvey, Mark Baillie, Ian Ruthven, Mark J. Carman
        Pages 432-443
    6. Domain-Specific IR and CLIR

      1. Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi, Hal Daumé III
        Pages 444-456

About these proceedings


These proceedings contain the papers presented at ECIR 2010, the 32nd Eu- pean Conference on Information Retrieval. The conference was organizedby the Knowledge Media Institute (KMi), the Open University, in co-operation with Dublin City University and the University of Essex, and was supported by the Information Retrieval Specialist Group of the British Computer Society (BCS- IRSG) and the Special Interest Group on Information Retrieval (ACM SIGIR). It was held during March 28-31, 2010 in Milton Keynes, UK. ECIR 2010 received a total of 202 full-paper submissions from Continental Europe (40%), UK (14%), North and South America (15%), Asia and Australia (28%), Middle East and Africa (3%). All submitted papers were reviewed by at leastthreemembersoftheinternationalProgramCommittee.Outofthe202- pers 44 were selected asfull researchpapers. ECIR has alwaysbeen a conference with a strong student focus. To allow as much interaction between delegates as possible and to keep in the spirit of the conference we decided to run ECIR 2010 as a single-track event. As a result we decided to have two presentation formats for full papers. Some of them were presented orally, the others in poster format. The presentation format does not represent any di?erence in quality. Instead, the presentation format was decided after the full papers had been accepted at the Program Committee meeting held at the University of Essex. The views of the reviewers were then taken into consideration to select the most appropriate presentation format for each paper.


automatic image annotation biomedical IR biometrics content-based image retrieval contextual image retrieval copy detection cross-language retrieval data coding entity resolution evaluation multimedia text mining

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  • Cathal Gurrin
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  • Yulan He
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  • Gabriella Kazai
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  • Udo Kruschwitz
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  • Suzanne Little
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  • Thomas Roelleke
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  • Stefan Rüger
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  • Keith van Rijsbergen
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  1. 1.Adaptive Information ClusterDublin City UniversityDublin, 9Ireland
  2. 2.The Open UniversityMilton KeynesUK
  3. 3.Microsoft Research LtdCambridgeUK
  4. 4.Department of Computer ScienceUniversity of EssexColchesterUK
  5. 5.The Open UniversityMilton KeynesUK
  6. 6.University of LondonLondonUK
  7. 7.Knowledge Media InstituteThe Open UniversityMilton KeynesUK
  8. 8.Department of Computing ScienceUniversity of GlasgowGlasgowUK

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