Matroid Theory and its Applications

  • Editors
  • A. Barlotti

Part of the C.I.M.E. Summer Schools book series (CIME, volume 83)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-iii
  2. Marilena Barnabei, Andrea Brini, Gian-Carlo Rota
    Pages 1-104
  3. Andrea Brini
    Pages 111-124
  4. Thomas Brylawski
    Pages 125-275
  5. James G. Oxley
    Pages 277-288
  6. D. J. A. Welsh
    Pages 323-416
  7. Thomas Zaslavsky
    Pages 417-424

About this book


Lectures: T.H. Brylawski: The Tutte polynomial.- D.J.A. Welsh: Matroids and combinatorial optimisation.- Seminars: M. Barnabei, A. Brini, G.-C. Rota: Un’introduzione alla teoria delle funzioni di Möbius.- A. Brini: Some remarks on the critical problem.- J. Oxley: On 3-connected matroids and graphs.- R. Peele: The poset of subpartitions and Cayley’s formula for the complexity of a complete graph.- A. Recski: Engineering applications of matroids.- T. Zaslavisky: Voltage-graphic matroids.

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