Finite Geometric Structures and their Applications

  • Editors
  • A. Barlotti

Part of the C.I.M.E. Summer Schools book series (CIME, volume 60)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-iii
  2. R. C. Bose
    Pages 1-104
  3. R. H. F. Denniston
    Pages 193-199
  4. Jean Doyen
    Pages 201-210
  5. Heinz Lüneburg
    Pages 211-247
  6. J. A. Thas
    Pages 249-263
  7. H. P. Young
    Pages 265-282

About this book


R.C. Bose: Graphs and designs.- R.H. Bruck: Construction problems in finite projective spaces.- R.H.F. Denniston: Packings of PG(3,q).- J. Doyen: Recent results on Steiner triple systems.- H. Lüneburg: Gruppen und endliche projektive Ebenen.- J.A. Thas: 4-gonal configurations.- H.P. Young: Affine triple systems.

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