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Advances in Cryptology – ASIACRYPT 2009

15th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, Tokyo, Japan, December 6-10, 2009. Proceedings

  • Mitsuru Matsui
Conference proceedings ASIACRYPT 2009

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 5912)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Block Ciphers

    1. Alex Biryukov, Dmitry Khovratovich
      Pages 1-18
    2. Xiaorui Sun, Xuejia Lai
      Pages 19-36
    3. Peter Gaži, Ueli Maurer
      Pages 37-51
  3. Quantum and Post-Quantum

    1. Ivan Damgård, Carolin Lunemann
      Pages 52-69
    2. Louis Salvail, Christian Schaffner, Miroslava Sotáková
      Pages 70-87
    3. Matthieu Finiasz, Nicolas Sendrier
      Pages 88-105
  4. Hash Functions I

    1. Krystian Matusiewicz, María Naya-Plasencia, Ivica Nikolić, Yu Sasaki, Martin Schläffer
      Pages 106-125
    2. Mario Lamberger, Florian Mendel, Christian Rechberger, Vincent Rijmen, Martin Schläffer
      Pages 126-143
    3. Florian Mendel, Christian Rechberger, Martin Schläffer
      Pages 144-161
    4. Ryad Benadjila, Olivier Billet, Shay Gueron, Matt J. B. Robshaw
      Pages 162-178
  5. Encryption Schemes

    1. Julien Cathalo, Benoît Libert, Moti Yung
      Pages 179-196
    2. Jonathan Katz, Arkady Yerukhimovich
      Pages 197-213
    3. Tatsuaki Okamoto, Katsuyuki Takashima
      Pages 214-231
    4. Mihir Bellare, Zvika Brakerski, Moni Naor, Thomas Ristenpart, Gil Segev, Hovav Shacham et al.
      Pages 232-249
  6. Multi Party Computation

    1. Benny Pinkas, Thomas Schneider, Nigel P. Smart, Stephen C. Williams
      Pages 250-267
    2. Seung Geol Choi, Ariel Elbaz, Tal Malkin, Moti Yung
      Pages 268-286
    3. Seung Geol Choi, Dana Dachman-Soled, Tal Malkin, Hoeteck Wee
      Pages 287-302
  7. Cryptographic Protocols

    1. Zongyang Zhang, Zhenfu Cao, Ning Ding, Rong Ma
      Pages 303-318
    2. Giuseppe Ateniese, Seny Kamara, Jonathan Katz
      Pages 319-333

About these proceedings


This book constitutes the refereed proceedings of the 15th International Conference on the Theory and Application of Cryptology and Information Security, ASIACRYPT 2009, held in Tokyo, Japan, in December 2009.

The 41 revised full papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 298 submissions. The papers are organized in topical sections on block ciphers, quantum and post-quantum, hash functions I, encryption schemes, multi party computation, cryptographic protocols, hash funtions II, models and frameworks I, cryptoanalysis: square and quadratic, models and framework II, hash functions III, lattice-based, and side channels.


MD6 PSS SHA-3 authentication cryptanalysis cryptology factoring factoring-based signatures hash function hashing information information security lattice-based signatures public key quantum encryption

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  • Mitsuru Matsui
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  1. 1.Information Technology R&D CenterMitsubishi Electric CorporationKamakura, KanagawaJapan

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