Advances in Applied Bioremediation

  • A. Singh
  • Ramesh C. Kuhad
  • Owen P.  Ward

Part of the Soil Biology book series (SOILBIOL, volume 17)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiii
  2. Pascal Suer, Yvonne Andersson-Sköld, Jenny E. Andersson
    Pages 21-34
  3. Joseph J. Pignatello
    Pages 35-71
  4. Jonathan D. Van Hamme, Joanna Urban
    Pages 73-89
  5. A. K. J. Surridge, F. C. Wehner, T. E. Cloete
    Pages 103-121
  6. Christian Mougin, Hassan Boukcim, Claude Jolivalt
    Pages 123-149
  7. Ramesh Chander Kuhad, Rishi Gupta
    Pages 173-187
  8. Kazuya Watanabe, Yoh Takahata
    Pages 189-199
  9. K. A. Hietala, T. M. Roane
    Pages 201-220
  10. Tomas Macek, Ondrej Uhlik, Katerina Jecna, Martina Novakova, Petra Lovecka, Jan Rezek et al.
    Pages 257-277
  11. Samir Radwan
    Pages 279-298
  12. Lur Epelde, José Ma Becerril, Itziar Alkorta, Carlos Garbisu
    Pages 299-313
  13. A. K. J. Surridge, F. C. Wehner, T. E. Cloete
    Pages 315-338
  14. Ben Stenuit, Laurent Eyers, Luc Schuler, Isabelle George, Spiros N. Agathos
    Pages 339-353
  15. Back Matter
    Pages 355-361

About this book


Bioremediation is a rapidly advancing field and the technology has been applied successfully to remediate many contaminated sites. The goal of every soil remediation method is to enhance the degradation, transformation, or detoxification of pollutants and to protect, maintain and sustain environmental quality.

Advances in our understanding of the ecology of microbial communities capable of breaking down various pollutants and the molecular and biochemical mechanisms by which biodegradation occurs have helped us in developing practical soil bioremediation strategies. Chapters dealing with the application of biological methods to soil remediation are contributed from experts – authorities in the area of environmental science including microbiology and molecular biology – from academic institutions and industry.


Biodegradation Biosurfactants Contaminated soils Soil detoxification Soil pollutants ecology soil

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  • Ramesh C. Kuhad
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  • Owen P.  Ward
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