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KI 2008: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

31st Annual German Conference on AI, KI 2008, Kaiserslautern, Germany, September 23-26, 2008, Proceedings

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 5243)

Part of the book sub series: Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence (LNAI)

Conference series link(s): KI: German Conference on Artificial Intelligence (Künstliche Intelligenz)

Conference proceedings info: KI 2008.

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Table of contents (53 papers)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Invited Talks

    1. Meme Media and Knowledge Federation

      • Yuzuru Tanaka, Jun Fujima, Micke Kuwahara
      Pages 2-21
  3. Papers

    1. Navidgator - Similarity Based Browsing for Image and Video Databases

      • Damian Borth, Christian Schulze, Adrian Ulges, Thomas M. Breuel
      Pages 22-29
    2. Automating Interactive Protocol Verification

      • Lassaad Cheikhrouhou, Andreas Nonnengart, Werner Stephan, Frank Koob, Georg Rock
      Pages 30-37
    3. Iterative Search for Similar Documents on Mobile Devices

      • Kristóf Csorba, István Vajk
      Pages 38-45
    4. Limits and Possibilities of BDDs in State Space Search

      • Stefan Edelkamp, Peter Kissmann
      Pages 46-53
    5. Interactive Dynamic Information Extraction

      • Kathrin Eichler, Holmer Hemsen, Markus Löckelt, Günter Neumann, Norbert Reithinger
      Pages 54-61
    6. Fusing DL Reasoning with HTN Planning

      • Ronny Hartanto, Joachim Hertzberg
      Pages 62-69
    7. Multi-value Classification of Very Short Texts

      • Andreas Heß, Philipp Dopichaj, Christian Maaß
      Pages 70-77
    8. Analysis and Evaluation of Inductive Programming Systems in a Higher-Order Framework

      • Martin Hofmann, Emanuel Kitzelmann, Ute Schmid
      Pages 78-86
    9. High-Level Expectations for Low-Level Image Processing

      • Lothar Hotz, Bernd Neumann, Kasim Terzic
      Pages 87-94
    10. Automatic Bidding for the Game of Skat

      • Thomas Keller, Sebastian Kupferschmid
      Pages 95-102
    11. Automobile Driving Behavior Recognition Using Boosting Sequential Labeling Method for Adaptive Driver Assistance Systems

      • Wathanyoo Khaisongkram, Pongsathorn Raksincharoensak, Masamichi Shimosaka, Taketoshi Mori, Tomomasa Sato, Masao Nagai
      Pages 103-110
    12. Identifying and Analysing Germany’s Top Blogs

      • Darko Obradovič, Stephan Baumann
      Pages 111-118
    13. Planar Features for Visual SLAM

      • Tobias Pietzsch
      Pages 119-126
    14. Extracting and Querying Relations in Scientific Papers

      • Ulrich Schäfer, Hans Uszkoreit, Christian Federmann, Torsten Marek, Yajing Zhang
      Pages 127-134
    15. A Drum Machine That Learns to Groove

      • Axel Tidemann, Yiannis Demiris
      Pages 144-151
  4. Posters

Other Volumes

  1. KI 2008: Advances in Artificial Intelligence

About this book

KI 2008 was the 31st Annual German Conference on Arti?cial Intelligence held September 23–26 at the University of Kaiserslautern and the German Research Center for Arti?cial Intelligence DFKI GmbH in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The conference series started in 1975 with the German Workshop on AI (GWAI), which took place in Bonn, and represents the ?rst forum of its type for the German AI Community. Over the years AI has become a major ?eld in c- puter scienceinGermanyinvolvinga numberof successfulprojects thatreceived much international attention. Today KI conferences are international forums where participants from academia and industry from all over the world meet to exchange their recent research results and to discuss trends in the ?eld. Since 1993 the meeting has been called the “Annual German Conference on Arti?cial Intelligence,” designated by the German acronym KI. This volume contains the papers selected out of 77 submissions, including a number of submissions from outside German-speaking countries. In total, 15 submissions (19%) were accepted for oral and 30 (39%) for poster presentation. Oralpresentationsattheconferenceweresingletrack. Becauseofthis,thechoice of presentation form (oral, poster) was based on how well reviews indicated that the paper would ?t into one or the other format. The proceedings allocate the same space to both types of papers. In addition, we selected six papers that show high application potential - scribing systems or prototypical implementations of innovative AI technologies. They are also included in this volume as two-page extended abstracts.


  • artificial intelligence
  • cognition
  • intelligence
  • knowledge
  • knowledge representation
  • learning
  • machine learning
  • multi-agent system
  • pattern recognition

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eBook USD 89.00
Price excludes VAT (USA)
  • ISBN: 978-3-540-85845-4
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