EMC 2008 14th European Microscopy Congress 1–5 September 2008, Aachen, Germany

Volume 3: Life Science

  • Anke Aretz
  • Benita Hermanns-Sachweh
  • Joachim Mayer

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-XXII
  2. Life Science

    1. A. Engel, P. Bosshart, P. Frederix, S. A. Müller
      Pages 3-4
  3. Analysis of macromolecules and their supramolecular assemblies

    1. Cryo-electron microscopy of macromolecular complexes and supramolecular assemblies/Fitting atomic structures into TEM density maps

      1. Bettina Böttcher, Claire Batisse, Kyriaki Galani
        Pages 5-6
      2. Martin Beck, Johan Malmström, Vinzenz Lange, Alexander Schmidt, Erich Deutsch, Ruedi Aebersold
        Pages 7-8
      3. José L. Carrascosa
        Pages 11-12
      4. Philipp Arnold, Arne Moeller, Frank Depoix, Christoph Becker-Pauly, Walter Stöcker, Ulrich Meissner
        Pages 13-14
      5. J. M. Carazo, I. Cuesta, R. Nuñez-Ramirez, S. H. Scheres
        Pages 15-16
      6. C. Carrière, J. -P. Mornon, S. Jonic, E. Larquet, C. Venien-Bryan, N. Boisset et al.
        Pages 17-18
      7. M. Dass, A. Musyanovych, K. Landfester, P. Walther
        Pages 19-20
      8. I. Hernando, L. M. Guardeño, E. Llorca, A. Quiles, I. Pérez-Munuera
        Pages 23-24
      9. S. Jonic, C. Carrière, E. Larquet, V. Skamnaki, L. Johnson, C. Venien-Bryan et al.
        Pages 27-28
      10. N. Kajimura, H. Suzuki, K. Mayanagi, Y. Ishino, K. Morikawa
        Pages 29-30
      11. A. Korinek, F. Beck, S. Nickell, W. Baumeister, J. M. Plitzko
        Pages 31-32
      12. M. Cottevieille, E. Larquet, S. Jonic, I. Callebaut, D. Svergun, M. A. Vanoni et al.
        Pages 33-34
      13. O. Llorca, A. Rivera-Calzada, L. Spagnolo, M. A. Recuero-Checa, L. H. Pearl
        Pages 35-36
      14. Ulrich Meissner, Philipp Arnold, Arne Moeller, Frank Depoix, Christoph Becker-Pauly, Walter Stöcker
        Pages 37-38

About these proceedings


Proceedings of the14th European Microscopy Congress, held in Aachen, Germany, 1-5 September 2008.

Jointly organised by the European Microscopy Society (EMS), the German Society for Electron Microscopy (DGE) and the local microscopists from RWTH Aachen University and the Research Centre Jülich, the congress brings together scientists from Europe and from all over the world.

The scientific programme covers all recent developments in the three major areas of instrumentation and methods, materials science and life science.


Tissue Engineering X-ray calculus cell diffraction dynamics electron electron microscopy life sciences microscopy molecule nanoparticle society spectroscopy tissue

Editors and affiliations

  • Anke Aretz
    • 1
  • Benita Hermanns-Sachweh
    • 2
  • Joachim Mayer
    • 1
    • 3
  1. 1.RWTH AachenCentral Facility for Electron MicroscopyAachenGermany
  2. 2.Department of Nuclear MedicineRWTH Aachen University HospitalAachenGermany
  3. 3.Ernst Ruska-Centre for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with ElectronsInstitute of Solid State Research Research Centre JülichJülichGermany

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