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Advances in Image and Video Technology

Second Pacific Rim Symposium, PSIVT 2007 Santiago, Chile, December 17-19, 2007 Proceedings

  • Editors
  • Domingo Mery
  • Luis Rueda
Conference proceedings PSIVT 2007

Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 4872)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
  2. Keynote Lectures

  3. Multimedia Hardware and Image Sensor Technologies

    1. Thaísa Leal da Silva, Cláudio Machado Diniz, João Alberto Vortmann, Luciano Volcan Agostini, Altamiro Amadeu Susin, Sergio Bampi
      Pages 5-15
    2. Babak Zamanlooy, Vahid Hamiati Vaghef, Sattar Mirzakuchaki, Ali Shojaee Bakhtiari, Reza Ebrahimi Atani
      Pages 16-23
    3. Bruno Zatt, Valter Ferreira, Luciano Agostini, Flávio R. Wagner, Altamiro Susin, Sergio Bampi
      Pages 24-35
    4. Marcelo Porto, Luciano Agostini, Leandro Rosa, Altamiro Susin, Sergio Bampi
      Pages 36-47
  4. Graphics and Visualization

    1. Chih-Wei Fang, Jenn-Jier James Lien
      Pages 48-61
    2. Andrea Rueda, Álvaro Perea, Daniel Rodríguez-Pérez, Eduardo Romero
      Pages 75-86
    3. Rafael B. Gomes, Tiago S. Souza, Bruno M. Carvalho
      Pages 87-99
  5. Image Analysis

    1. Miguel Carrasco, Luis Pizarro, Domingo Mery
      Pages 114-127
    2. Yingliang Lu, Kunihiko Kaneko, Akifumi Makinouchi
      Pages 128-140
    3. Vicente Palazón, Andrés Marzal, Juan Miguel Vilar
      Pages 152-165
    4. Luciana R. Veloso, João M. de Carvalho, Claudio S. V. C. Cavalvanti, Eduardo S. Moura, Felipe L. Coutinho, Herman M. Gomes
      Pages 166-179

About these proceedings


These proceedings are a manifestation of the excellent scienti?c contributions presented at the Second IEEE Paci?c Rim Symposium on Video and Image Technology (PSIVT 2007), held in Santiago, Chile, during December 17–19, 2007. The symposium provided a forum for presenting and exploring the l- est research and developments in image and video technology. Discussing the possibilities and directions in these ?elds settled a place where both academic research and industrial activities were presented for mutual bene?t. The aim of the symposium was to promote and disseminate ongoing research on multi- dia hardware and image sensor technologies, graphics and visualization, image analysis, multiple view imaging and processing, computer vision applications, image and video coding, and multimedia processing. The volume is a realization of the ongoing success of the Paci?c Rim Symposium on Video and Image Te- nology for which the ?rst issue (PSIVT 2006) was last year in Hsinchu, Taiwan, Republic of China. PSIVT 2007 provides evidence of the growing stature of the Paci?c Rim s- enti?c community in video and image technology andof their impact worldwide. The symposium received contributions from 31 countries, registering a total of 155 papers, out of which 75 were accepted for publication in these proce- ings, which is equivalent to an acceptance rate of 48. 4%. The review process was carried out in seven di?erent themes, each composed of theme Co-chairs and a ProgramCommittee composed of internationally recognized scientists, all experts in their respective theme. Each paper was peer-reviewed by two to ?ve reviewers.


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