Engineering Geology for Underground Rocks

  • Supping Peng
  • Jincai Zhang

About this book


Engineering geology for underground rocks is a sub-discipline of engineering geology for describing and solving geological engineering problems encountered in underground mining, petroleum and civil engineering. It covers rock mechanics for underground rocks, rock hydraulics, wellbore mechanics, mine geology and mine hydrogeology.

This book clearly and systematically explains underground engineering geology principles, methods, theories and case studies, depicts engineering problems in underground rock engineering and how to study and solve them. It specially emphasizes mechanical and hydraulic couplings in rock engineering for wellbore stability, mining near aquifers and other underground structures where inflow is a problem. Using the methods and models given in this book, the reader is able to analyse underground geological engineering problems and also for the design of underground structures.

Professionals and students in engineering geology, geological, mining, petroleum, civil engineering, rock mechanics, and mine geology will find this an essential reference.


Borehole Engineering Geology Geological Engineering Geotechnics Mining engineering Rock mechanics hydraulics hydrogeology mining

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