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Wireless Sensor Networks

4th European Conference, EWSN 2007, Delft, The Netherlands, January 29-31, 2007, Proceedings

Part of the book series: Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS, volume 4373)

Part of the book sub series: Computer Communication Networks and Telecommunications (LNCCN)

Conference series link(s): EWSN: European Conference on Wireless Sensor Networks

Conference proceedings info: EWSN 2007.

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Table of contents (22 papers)

  1. Front Matter

  2. Networking

    1. Versatile Support for Efficient Neighborhood Data Sharing

      • Andreas Lachenmann, Pedro José Marrón, Daniel Minder, Olga Saukh, Matthias Gauger, Kurt Rothermel
      Pages 1-16
    2. An Energy-Efficient K-Hop Clustering Framework for Wireless Sensor Networks

      • Quanbin Chen, Jian Ma, Yanmin Zhu, Dian Zhang, Lionel M. Ni
      Pages 17-33
    3. Efficient Routing from Multiple Sources to Multiple Sinks in Wireless Sensor Networks

      • Pietro Ciciriello, Luca Mottola, Gian Pietro Picco
      Pages 34-50
  3. Tracking

    1. inTrack: High Precision Tracking of Mobile Sensor Nodes

      • Branislav Kusý, György Balogh, János Sallai, Ákos Lédeczi, Miklós Maróti
      Pages 51-66
    2. Approximate Initialization of Camera Sensor Networks

      • Purushottam Kulkarni, Prashant Shenoy, Deepak Ganesan
      Pages 67-82
    3. Trail: A Distance Sensitive WSN Service for Distributed Object Tracking

      • Vinodkrishnan Kulathumani, Anish Arora, Murat Demirbas, Mukundan Sridharan
      Pages 83-100
  4. Algorithms

    1. Towards Energy-Efficient Skyline Monitoring in Wireless Sensor Networks

      • Hekang Chen, Shuigeng Zhou, Jihong Guan
      Pages 101-116
    2. Secure Data Aggregation with Multiple Encryption

      • Melek Önen, Refik Molva
      Pages 117-132
    3. Loss Tomography in Wireless Sensor Network Using Gibbs Sampling

      • Yongjun Li, Wandong Cai, Guangli Tian, Wei Wang
      Pages 150-162
  5. Applications and Support

    1. Fence Monitoring – Experimental Evaluation of a Use Case for Wireless Sensor Networks

      • Georg Wittenburg, Kirsten Terfloth, Freddy López Villafuerte, Tomasz Naumowicz, Hartmut Ritter, Jochen Schiller
      Pages 163-178
    2. Development of a Wireless Sensor Network for Collaborative Agents to Treat Scale Formation in Oil Pipes

      • Frank Murphy, Dennis Laffey, Brendan O’Flynn, John Buckley, John Barton
      Pages 179-194
    3. Deployment Support Network

      • Matthias Dyer, Jan Beutel, Thomas Kalt, Patrice Oehen, Lothar Thiele, Kevin Martin et al.
      Pages 195-211
  6. Medium Access Control

    1. Energy Consumption of Minimum Energy Coding in CDMA Wireless Sensor Networks

      • Benigno Zurita Ares, Carlo Fischione, Karl Henrik Johansson
      Pages 212-227
    2. Decentralized Scattering of Wake-Up Times in Wireless Sensor Networks

      • Alessandro Giusti, Amy L. Murphy, Gian Pietro Picco
      Pages 245-260
  7. OS and Tools

    1. Improving the Energy Efficiency of the MANTIS Kernel

      • Cormac Duffy, Utz Roedig, John Herbert, Cormac J. Sreenan
      Pages 261-276
    2. Model-Based Design Exploration of Wireless Sensor Node Lifetimes

      • Deokwoo Jung, Thiago Teixeira, Andrew Barton-Sweeney, Andreas Savvides
      Pages 277-292

Other Volumes

  1. Wireless Sensor Networks

About this book

This volume contains the proceedings of EWSN 2007, the fourth European c- ference on Wireless Sensor Networks. The conference took place at TU Delft, January 29–31, 2007. Its objective was to provide a forum where researchers with di?erent experience and background,from hardware to applications, would presentanddiscussthelatestdevelopmentsintheexciting?eldofwirelesssensor networks. Since the interest in sensor networks has been rapidly expanding, it was no surprise that EWSN received a record number of 164 submissions, of which 22paperswereselectedforthe?nalconference.Itwasapleasuretoobservethat, although based in Europe, the conference serves as a truly international forum with submissions originating from all ?ve continents: 35% from Europe, 35% from Asia, 26% from America, 3% from Australia, and 1% from Africa. The - lectionprocessinvolvedmorethan500reviewswithmostpapersbeingevaluated by at least three reviewers. The ?nal program covered a wide range of topics, grouped into seven sessions: networking, tracking, algorithms, applications and support, medium access control, OS and tools, and localization. In addition to the papers published in these proceedings, the conference also included a poster and demonstration session, of which separate proceedings are available. Tutorials and keynotes complemented the program, together making for a truly interesting conference. In closing, we would like to express our sincere gratitude to everyone who contributed to EWSN 2007. In particular, the members of the Program C- mittee and external reviewers responsible for the strong technical program, the local TU Delft people for streamlining the conference logistics, and Springer for their excellent cooperation in putting these proceedings together.


  • MAC protocol
  • Routing
  • Scala
  • ad-hoc networking
  • ad-hoc sensor networks
  • algorithms
  • antenna
  • bluetooth
  • data compression
  • error detection
  • mobile networks
  • net
  • object oriented design
  • optimization
  • sensor network
  • algorithm analysis and problem complexity

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