Continental Scientific Drilling

A Decade of Progress, and Challenges for the Future

  • Ulrich Harms
  • Christian Koeberl
  • Mark D. Zoback

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages I-X
  2. Julie Brigham-Grette, Gerald H. Haug, Climate Working Group
    Pages 53-94
  3. Brian Horsfield, Thomas L. Kieft, GeoBiosphere Group
    Pages 163-211
  4. John C. Eichelberger, Kozo Uto
    Pages 213-234
  5. Ze’ev Reches, Hisao Ito
    Pages 235-258
  6. Donald J. DePaolo, Dominique Weis
    Pages 259-288
  7. Jan H. Behrmann, Jingsui Yang, CoZone Working Group
    Pages 289-335
  8. Wilfred A. Elders, Scott R. Dallimore
    Pages 337-366

About this book


Scientific drilling is an indispensable tool of modern Earth science - search, as it provides the only means of obtaining direct information on processes operating at depth. Drilling allows for the determination of - situ properties of solid materials and fluids and permits testing of hypot- ses and models derived from surface observations. In addition, drill holes may be used as a natural laboratory for experiments and as observatories for long-term monitoring of on-going active processes. Earth drilling, therefore, plays a critical role in scientific research directed towards - proved understanding of the workings of our planet and has a key role in solving urgent socio-economic problems. As a rule, drilling projects are an integral component of major geosci- tific research programs, comprising comprehensive pre-site investigations, accompanying laboratory studies, the drilling phase itself, and consecutive measurements and tests in the drill hole. Such drilling programs are costly and thus only realizable to a limited extent. International cost sharing, the optimal utilization of all available resources, the incorporation of inter- tional leading experts, and the application of the existing know-how, as well as the selection of an optimal drilling location (“World Geological Site”), are thus essential elements of an international scientific drilling p- gram.


Scientific drilling biosphere climate change drilling engineering geodynamics geology geophysics geoscience logging stratigraphy tectonics

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