Corruptive Patterns of Patronage in South East Europe

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  • Plamen K. Georgiev

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The transformation of Eastern Europe has challenged the characteristics of patron-client relations both in their context and meaning. The former patrimonial frameworks and patterns have worn out while global power and increasing disparities overwhelm traditional systems of patronage. Plamen K. Georgiev discusses the controversial issues of endemic corruption, state capture, institutional fraud, and networks of organized crime in South East Europe and in a wider global context. He traces back types of patronage and patron-client relations through the ages up to modernity. The author critically comments on shifts of loyalties, friendship, nepotism as well as on deficits of constitutional and public procurement in the context of “quasi-democracies” on the Balkans. His analysis is based on empirical findings and sociological observations made during the past seven years. Finally, the author presents valuable methodological suggestions for innovative interdisciplinary research in this field.


Europe Institution corruption nepotism organized crime patron-client relations quasi-democracies

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