The Spanish Coastal Systems

Dynamic Processes, Sediments and Management

  • Juan A. Morales

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xiv
  2. Juan A. Morales, Augusto Pérez-Alberti
    Pages 1-23
  3. Rocky Coasts and Cliffs

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 25-25
    2. Augusto Pérez-Alberti, Alejandro Gómez-Pazo
      Pages 27-47
    3. María José Domínguez-Cuesta, Pablo Valenzuela, Laura Rodríguez-Rodríguez, Daniel Ballesteros, Montserrat Jiménez-Sánchez, Laura Piñuela et al.
      Pages 49-77
    4. Viola Bruschi, Juan Remondo
      Pages 79-91
    5. Isabel Montoya-Montes, María José Sánchez-García, Ignacio Alonso, Mariona Casamayor, Inmaculada Rodríguez Santalla
      Pages 93-113
    6. Pablo Balaguer, Guillem X. Pons, Miquel Mir-Gual
      Pages 115-141
    7. Joan J. Fornós, Àngel Ginés, Joaquín Ginés, Francesc Gràcia, Antoni Merino
      Pages 143-166
    8. Amalia Yanes-Luque
      Pages 167-185
  4. Lineal Sandy Coasts and Beaches

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 187-187
    2. Ramón Blanco-Chao
      Pages 189-207
    3. Josep E. Pardo-Pascual, Eulàlia Sanjaume
      Pages 209-236
    4. Eulalia Sanjaume, Josep E. Pardo-Pascual, Francesca Segura-Beltran
      Pages 237-267
    5. Lluís Gómez-Pujol, Alejandro Orfila, Verónica Morales-Márquez, Montserrat Compa, Laura Pereda, Joan J. Fornós et al.
      Pages 269-287
    6. Laura Del Río, Javier Benavente, F. Javier Gracia, Giorgio Anfuso, María Aranda, Juan B. Montes et al.
      Pages 311-334
    7. Juan A. Morales, Antonio Rodríguez-Ramírez, Mouncef Sedrati
      Pages 335-359
    8. Ignacio Alonso, Mariona Casamayor, María José Sánchez García, Isabel Montoya-Montes
      Pages 361-383
  5. Fluvio Marine Systems

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 385-385
    2. Federico Vilas, Ana Bernabéu, Belén Rubio, Daniel Rey
      Pages 387-414
    3. Germán Flor-Blanco, Germán Flor
      Pages 415-436
    4. Manu Monge-Ganuzas, Alejandro Cearreta, María Jesús Irabién, Ane García-Artola
      Pages 437-465
    5. Inmaculada Rodríguez-Santalla, Luis Somoza
      Pages 467-488
    6. Francesca Segura-Beltran, Josep E. Pardo-Pascual
      Pages 489-516
    7. Antonio Rodríguez-Ramírez, Juan J. R. Villarías-Robles, José Noel Pérez-Asensio, Sebastián Celestino-Pérez
      Pages 517-541
    8. Berta Carro, José Borrego, Juan A. Morales
      Pages 543-564
    9. Juan A. Morales, Erwan Garel
      Pages 565-581
  6. Coastal Dunes

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 583-583
    2. Germán Flor, Germán Flor-Blanco, Patricio Martínez Cedrún, Carmen Flores-Soriano, Cecilia Borghero
      Pages 585-609
    3. María José Sánchez-García, Isabel Montoya-Montes, Mariona Casamayor, Ignacio Alonso, Inmaculada Rodríguez-Santalla
      Pages 611-630
    4. Eulalia Sanjaume, Josep E. Pardo-Pascual
      Pages 631-659
    5. F. Javier Gracia, Laura Del Río, María Aranda, Giorgio Anfuso, Lara Talavera, Juan B. Montes et al.
      Pages 661-680
    6. Ismael Vallejo, José Ojeda
      Pages 681-698
    7. Antonio I. Hernández-Cordero, Carolina Peña-Alonso, Luis Hernández-Calvento, Nicolás Ferrer-Valero, Aarón M. Santana-Cordero, Leví García-Romero et al.
      Pages 699-725
  7. Case Studies of Coast-Human Interaction Problems and Coastal Management

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 727-727
    2. Manu Monge-Ganuzas, Alejandro Cearreta, Ane García-Artola
      Pages 729-744
    3. Francesc X. Roig-Munar, José Ángel Martín Prieto, Josep Pintó, Antonio Rodríguez-Perea, Bernadí Gelabert
      Pages 765-787
    4. Emma Pérez-Chacón Espino, Carolina Peña-Alonso, Aarón M. Santana-Cordero, Luis Hernández-Calvento
      Pages 789-814
  8. Final Remarks

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 815-815
    2. Juan A. Morales
      Pages 817-823

About this book


This monograph presents the state of art of the geologic knowledge about the Spanish coast obtained through scientific research in the last 30 years.
From a general point of view, coasts are the most quickly changing systems of the Earth. This is critical, since many human resources, such as the main part of economic and social activities, are located in the coastal areas. Especially in the case of Spain these coasts include cities, wide industrial areas (including harbor complexes), important ecologic systems, and our main economic resource: tourism. Understanding the dynamic functioning of each element of this coast is vital for correct future coastal management, so as to solve problems derived from bad plans developed in the last decades of the twentieth century.

This is a valuable text for advanced graduate students and coastal researchers, which connects the specific dynamic functioning of the main Spanish coastal environments and their relationships with human activities.


Coastal geology Dynamic functioning Coastal sedimentology Geomorphology Coastal management

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  • Juan A. Morales
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  1. 1.Department of Earth SciencesUniversity of HuelvaHuelvaSpain

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