Step Wise Protocols for Somatic Embryogenesis of Important Woody Plants

Volume II

  • Shri Mohan Jain
  • Pramod Gupta

Part of the Forestry Sciences book series (FOSC, volume 85)

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  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Carolina Sánchez-Romero
    Pages 25-38
  3. M. Elena Aguilar, J. Luis Ortiz, Francisco Mesén, L. Diego Jiménez, Fernando Altmann
    Pages 39-62
  4. Giuseppe Cimò, Maria Antonietta Germanà
    Pages 63-72
  5. Ina Pinker, Regina Schenk
    Pages 83-93
  6. D. Graça, S. Correia, E. A. Ozudogru, M. Lambardi, J. M. Canhoto
    Pages 95-101
  7. Carlos Oropeza, Gabriela Sandoval-Cancino, Luis Sáenz, Maria Narváez, Guillermo Rodríguez, José Luis Chan
    Pages 103-111
  8. Kaouther Ben Mahmoud, Yordan Muhovski, Fabienne Delporte, Ahmed Jemmali, Philippe Druart
    Pages 113-127
  9. Diego Muñoz-Concha
    Pages 129-137
  10. Tolga İzgü, Başar Sevindik, Yeşim Yalçın Mendi
    Pages 139-150
  11. Ivana Gribaudo, Giorgio Gambino
    Pages 151-160
  12. Pejman Azadi, Maryam Jafarkhani Kermani, Leila Samiei
    Pages 161-170
  13. S. Correia, J. M. Canhoto
    Pages 171-179
  14. Patricia Boeri, Sandra Sharry
    Pages 189-198
  15. Savita, Pratap Kumar Pati, Avinash Kaur Nagpal
    Pages 199-208
  16. Ahmad Tarmizi Hashim, Zamzuri Ishak, Samsul Kamal Rosli, Meilina Ong-Abdullah, Ooi Siew-Eng, Mohd Naqiuddin Husri et al.
    Pages 209-229
  17. Behzad Kaviani
    Pages 245-251
  18. Lorena Melo Vieira, Priscila Oliveira Silva, Amanda Mendes Fernandes, Diego Ismael Rocha, Wagner Campos Otoni
    Pages 253-265
  19. Elínea de Oliveira Freitas, Inaê Mariê de Araújo Silva-Cardoso, Jéssica Cristina Barbosa Ferreira, Frederico Henrique da Silva Costa, Jonny Everson Scherwinski-Pereira
    Pages 267-290
  20. Karolina Tomiczak, Małgorzata Grzyb, Jan J. Rybczyński, Anna Mikuła
    Pages 291-303
  21. Christopher O’Brien, Jayeni C. A. Hiti-Bandaralage, Alice Hayward, Neena Mitter
    Pages 305-328
  22. Adel A. Abul-Soad, Jameel M. Al-Khayri
    Pages 329-347
  23. R. Bajpai, R. Chaturvedi
    Pages 349-368
  24. Vartika Srivastava, Rakhi Chaturvedi
    Pages 369-386
  25. Back Matter
    Pages 387-392

About this book


Earlier, we edited a well received series on "Somatic embryogenesis in woody trees", volumes 1 to 6. These volumes provided readers extensive reviews on somatic embryogenesis of important angiosperm and gymnosperm tree species; an excellent source of information for newcomers or those already engaged in research. However, these book volumes did not cover stepwise "detailed protocols" for inducing somatic embryogenesis. This book contains 2 volumes describing protocols for somatic embryogenesis of woody plants. 

Volume 1 includes a total of 23 book chapters covering Abies sps, Picea sps, Pinus sps., Eucalyptus globulus ,  Quercus sps., Larix x eurolepis,  Podocarpus lamberti, manufactured seeds, SE. Fludics system, cryopreservation, Anther culture.

Volume 2 deals with 27 book chapters on guava, olive, coffee, microspore embryogenesis in almond, cacao, black cohosh, tamarillo, coconut, cherry, date palm, oil palm, rough lemon, alpataco, hybrid aspen,  rose, grapevine, Turkish cyclamen sps, Gomortega keule, tea, Acai palm, Passiflora, tree-fern somatic embryo cryopreservation, tamarillo cryopreservation, avocado, haploid embryogenesis in tea, neem. 

The book provides stepwise protocols for somatic embryogenesis of a range of selected woody plants in order to assist researchers to initiate somatic embryogenic cultures without too much alterations in protocols. Each chapter provides information on initiation and maintenance of embryogenic cultures; somatic embryo development, maturation, and germination; acclimitization and field transfer of somatic seedlings. 


Bur Embryo Conifers Genetic transformation Olive Seedlings Woody plants

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  • Shri Mohan Jain
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  • Pramod Gupta
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  1. 1.Department of Agricultural SciencesUniversity of HelsinkiHelsinkiFinland
  2. 2.Federal WayUSA

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