Optimization and Decision Science: Methodologies and Applications

ODS, Sorrento, Italy, September 4-7, 2017

  • Antonio Sforza
  • Claudio Sterle
Conference proceedings ODS 2017

Part of the Springer Proceedings in Mathematics & Statistics book series (PROMS, volume 217)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Invited Lectures

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 1-1
    2. Patrick De Causmaecker
      Pages 13-20
  3. Data Science

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 29-29
    2. Flora Amato, Mario Barbareschi, Giovanni Cozzolino, Antonino Mazzeo, Nicola Mazzocca, Antonio Tammaro
      Pages 31-38
    3. Mario Barbareschi, Cristina Papa, Carlo Sansone
      Pages 39-47
    4. Stefano Marrone, Gabriele Piantadosi, Mario Sansone, Carlo Sansone
      Pages 49-57
    5. Hassan Mokalled, Daniele Debertol, Ermete Meda, Concetta Pragliola
      Pages 69-82
    6. Enrico G. Caldarola, Valerio Di Pinto, Antonio M. Rinaldi
      Pages 83-92
    7. Maurizio Boccia, Adriano Masone, Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle
      Pages 93-102
  4. Health Care

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 103-103
    2. Maria Carmela Groccia, Rosita Guido, Domenico Conforti
      Pages 121-128
    3. Rosita Guido, Vittorio Solina, Domenico Conforti
      Pages 129-137
    4. Marco Papi, Luca Pontecorvi, Roberto Setola, Fabrizio Clemente
      Pages 139-147
  5. Heuristics and Metaheuristics

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 149-149
    2. Francesco Carrabs, Carmine Cerrone, Ciriaco D’Ambrosio, Andrea Raiconi
      Pages 151-159
    3. Luigi De Giovanni, Nicola Gastaldon, Ivano Lauriola, Filippo Sottovia
      Pages 161-169
    4. M. Noumbissi Tchoupo, A. Yalaoui, L. Amodeo, F. Yalaoui, F. Lutz
      Pages 181-191
  6. Innovative Applications

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 193-193
    2. Andrea Bessi, Daniele Vigo, Vincenzo Boffa, Fabio Regoli
      Pages 195-201
    3. Violetta Lonati, Dario Malchiodi, Mattia Monga, Anna Morpurgo
      Pages 223-231
  7. Location

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 243-243
    2. Giuseppe Bruno, Antonio Diglio, Alessia Melisi, Carmela Piccolo
      Pages 245-256
    3. Claudio Ciancio, Giuseppina Ambrogio, Demetrio Laganá
      Pages 257-265
    4. Jaime Llorca, Antonia M. Tulino, Antonio Sforza, Claudio Sterle
      Pages 275-286
    5. Stefano Coniglio, Jörg Fliege, Ruth Walton
      Pages 287-294
  8. Multi-objective Optimization

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 303-303
    2. Gianmaria De Tommasi, Adriano Mele, Alfredo Pironti
      Pages 305-314
    3. Luca Faramondi, Gabriele Oliva, Roberto Setola, Federica Pascucci, Annunziata Esposito Amideo, Maria Paola Scaparra
      Pages 315-324
    4. Mangesh Gharote, Nitin Phuke, Rahul Patil, Sachin Lodha
      Pages 325-334
    5. Maria Elena Nenni, Rosario Micillo
      Pages 345-353
  9. Optimization Under Uncertainty

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 355-355
    2. P. Beraldi, A. Violi, G. Carrozzino, M. E. Bruni
      Pages 357-365
    3. R. Cerulli, C. D’Ambrosio, M. Gentili
      Pages 367-374
    4. Massimo De Falco, Nicola Mastrandrea, Luigi Rarità
      Pages 375-383
    5. Elif Garajová, Milan Hladík, Miroslav Rada
      Pages 393-401
    6. Francesca Maggioni, Elisabetta Allevi
      Pages 403-411

About these proceedings


This proceedings volume highlights the state-of-the-art knowledge related to optimization, decisions science and problem solving methods, as well as their application in industrial and territorial systems. It includes contributions tackling these themes using models and methods based on continuous and discrete optimization, network optimization, simulation and system dynamics, heuristics, metaheuristics, artificial intelligence, analytics, and also multiple-criteria decision making. The number and the increasing size of the problems arising in real life require mathematical models and solution methods adequate to their complexity. There has also been increasing research interest in Big Data and related challenges. These challenges can be recognized in many fields and systems which have a significant impact on our way of living: design, management and control of industrial production of goods and services; transportation planning and traffic management in urban and regional areas; energy production and exploitation; natural resources and environment protection; homeland security and critical infrastructure protection; development of advanced information and communication technologies. The chapters in this book examine how to deal with new and emerging practical problems arising in these different fields through the presented methodologies and their applications. The chapter topics are applicable for researchers and practitioners working in these areas, but also for the operations research community. 

The contributions were presented during the international conference “Optimization and Decision Science” (ODS2017), held at Hilton Sorrento Palace Conference Center, Sorrento, Italy, September 4 – 7, 2017. ODS 2017, was organized by AIRO, Italian Operations Research Society, in cooperation with DIETI (Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology) of University “Federico II” of Naples.


Optimization Algorithms Decision Methods Operations Research Applications Business Analytics Emergency Logistics Transportation Systems Practice of OR Data Analytics Network Optimization Heuristics

Editors and affiliations

  • Antonio Sforza
    • 1
  • Claudio Sterle
    • 2
  1. 1.Department of Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyUniversity “Federico II” of NaplesNaplesItaly
  2. 2.Department of Electrical Engineering and Information TechnologyUniversity “Federico II” of NaplesNaplesItaly

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