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Designing Sustainable Technologies, Products and Policies

From Science to Innovation


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  • Illustrates how Life Cycle Management is or can be integrated into business practice, thereby creating sustainability within organizations

  • Provides thorough insight into Life Cycle Management, its origin, evolution and state of practice, including progress made and current challenges

  • Sketches the operationalization of Life Cycle Management in organizations and its linkage to business value creation

  • Contributors from both research and practice domains offer the reader a qualified and comprehensive understanding of this dynamic and increasingly relevant field of business practice

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Table of contents (57 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-xiv
  2. LCM, Circular Economy and Product Value Chain

    1. Front Matter

      Pages 1-1
    2. Life Cycle Management Approaches to Support Circular Economy

      • Sébastien Zinck, Anne-Christine Ayed, Monia Niero, Megann Head, Friedrich-W. Wellmer, Roland W. Scholz et al.
      Pages 3-9Open Access
    3. Sustainability Performance Evaluation for Selecting the Best Recycling Pathway During Its Design Phase

      • Guilhem Grimaud, Nicolas Perry, Bertrand Laratte
      Pages 11-19Open Access
    4. A Bi-dimensional Assessment to Measure the Performance of Circular Economy: A Case Study of Tires End-of-Life Management

      • Geoffrey Lonca, Romain Muggéo, Hugue Tétreault-Imbeault, Sophie Bernard, Manuele Margni
      Pages 33-42Open Access
    5. Bio-based Materials Within the Circular Economy: Opportunities and Challenges

      • Birgit Brunklaus, Ellen Riise
      Pages 43-47Open Access
    6. Bio-Economy Contribution to Circular Economy

      • Sara Corrado, Serenella Sala
      Pages 49-59Open Access
    7. Life Cycle Management in the Pharmaceutical Industry Using an Applicable and Robust LCA-Based Environmental Sustainability Assessment Approach

      • Yasmine Emara, Marc-William Siegert, Annekatrin Lehmann, Matthias Finkbeiner
      Pages 79-88Open Access
    8. Establishing LCA in the Healthcare Sector

      • Nanja Hedal Kløverpris
      Pages 89-94Open Access
    9. Biomass Balance: An Innovative and Complementary Method for Using Biomass as Feedstock in the Chemical Industry

      • Christian Krüger, Andreas Kicherer, Claudius Kormann, Nikolaus Raupp
      Pages 101-107Open Access
    10. Greening Agri-food Value Chains in Emerging Economies

      • Matthias Stucki, Anél Blignaut
      Pages 109-114Open Access
    11. Assessment of Cleantech Options to Mitigate the Environmental Impact of South African Dairy Farming

      • Regula Keller, Lea Eymann, Sarah Wettstein, Deborah Scharfy, Matthias Stucki
      Pages 115-125Open Access
    12. Food Waste Management (Sector) in a Circular Economy

      • Nicole Unger, Francesco Razza
      Pages 127-132Open Access
    13. The Role of Compost in Bio-waste Management and Circular Economy

      • Francesco Razza, Lorenzo D’Avino, Giovanni L’Abate, Luca Lazzeri
      Pages 133-143Open Access
    14. Agri-Food Waste Streams Utilization for Development of More Sustainable Food Substitutes

      • Sergiy Smetana, Kemal Aganovic, Stefan Irmscher, Volker Heinz
      Pages 145-155Open Access

About this book

This open access book provides insight into the implementation of Life Cycle approaches along the entire business value chain, supporting environmental, social and economic sustainability related to the development of industrial technologies, products, services and policies; and the development and management of smart agricultural systems, smart mobility systems, urban infrastructures and energy for the built environment. 
The book is based on papers presented at the 8th International Life Cycle Management Conference that took place from September 3-6, 2017 in Luxembourg, and which was organized by the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) and the University of Luxembourg in the framework of the LCM Conference Series. 


  • Life cycle assessment
  • Life cycle management
  • Resource productivity
  • Sustainability
  • Sustainable value creation
  • Open Access

Editors and Affiliations

  • Department ERIN—Environmental Research and Innovation, Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg

    Enrico Benetto, Mélanie Guiton

  • Department of Engineering, University of Luxembourg, Campus Kirchberg, Kirchberg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

    Kilian Gericke

About the editors

Enrico Benetto is a successfull R&D manager at the Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST) with 10 years experience and proven reputation in Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), ecodesign and innovation of industrial systems and technologies. Dynamic, energetic, visionary and team/project-oriented professional that successfully created and developed an independent consulting firm and then created and manages a LCA research team.

Dr. Kilian Gericke is senior researcher in the Research Unit in Engineering Science of the University of Luxembourg. He studied Mechanical Engineering in Berlin, Germany. After receiving his diploma in 2005 he worked at the Technische Universität Berlin until 2010 as Research Associate and obtained his PhD in 2011. Since 2010 he works at the University of Luxembourg in the Engineering Design and Methodology group which is part of the Research Unit in Engineering Science.Dr. Gericke is lecturing courses on Machine El

ements, Systematic Product Development and Sustainable Development and is supervising student design projects. His main research interests are in systematic product development and design process management. In his work he analyses potentials and ways of exchanging and adapting methods and systematic design approaches across different design disciplines. Dr. Gericke is chair of the Design Society's Special Interest Group on Modelling and Management of Engineering Processes (MMEP). 


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