Mindful Prevention of Burnout in Workplace Health Management

Workplace Health Management, Interdisciplinary Concepts, Biofeedback

  • Ingrid Pirker-Binder

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xvi
  2. Human Resources in the Work and Economic World

  3. The Working People and Their Resources

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 105-105
    2. Ingrid Pirker-Binder
      Pages 107-123
    3. Ingrid Pirker-Binder
      Pages 125-141
    4. Ingrid Spona
      Pages 143-156
    5. Gerhard Moser, Ingrid Pirker-Binder
      Pages 157-165
    6. Ingrid Pirker-Binder
      Pages 167-178
    7. Bohdana Fialová, Jiří Šimonek, Marie Šťastná, Ingrid Pirker-Binder
      Pages 179-187
  4. Biofeedback in the Work and Economic World

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 189-189
    2. Ingrid Pirker-Binder
      Pages 191-232
    3. Ingrid Pirker-Binder
      Pages 233-236

About this book


This book describes the causes of and methods to prevent states of exhaustion and burnout in professional contexts. It overviews a range of issues from human resource practices in commercial enterprises, to prevention of fatigue and preservation of the working individual’s vital energy. The book also addresses new measurement and training methods stemming from the latest applications of biofeedback, testing and training methods, and heart rate variability research, and their application in companies’ modern preventive management strategies, as well as in occupational and business psychotherapeutic practice. Approaching companies as social, living systems, prevention is discussed as a management tool in the corporate culture and as a strategic management decision. Selected case examples show the daily demands and challenges at the workplace and discuss work-life integration, on living and working “in flow,” and on the various facets of working persons’ energy. This book is suitable for a wide range of audiences including professionals implementing these tools and practices as well as graduate students studying these contexts.


Life Resilience and Meaning Preservation of Human Resources Occupational and Business Psychotherapy Biofeedback and Heart-rate Variability at the Workplace Meaning and Flow Mindfulness in the Work World Burnout Workplace Wellbeing

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