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Volcanic Unrest

From Science to Society

  • Book exclusively dedicated to volcanic unrest

  • Multi-disciplinary - drawing from the physical, legal and social sciences

  • Bridges the gap between the sciences and decision-making

Part of the book series: Advances in Volcanology (VOLCAN)

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Table of contents (17 chapters)

  1. Front Matter

    Pages i-viii
  2. Volcanic Unrest and Pre-eruptive Processes: A Hazard and Risk Perspective

    • J. Gottsmann, J.-C. Komorowski, J. Barclay
    Pages 1-21Open Access
  3. The Role of Laws Within the Governance of Volcanic Risks

    • R. J. Bretton, J. Gottsmann, R. Christie
    Pages 23-34Open Access
  4. Deterministic Versus Probabilistic Volcano Monitoring: Not “or” But “and”

    • D. Rouwet, R. Constantinescu, L. Sandri
    Pages 35-46Open Access
  5. Probabilistic E-tools for Hazard Assessment and Risk Management

    • Stefania Bartolini, Joan Martí, Rosa Sobradelo, Laura Becerril
    Pages 47-61Open Access
  6. The Need to Quantify Hazard Related to Non-magmatic Unrest: From BET_EF to BET_UNREST

    • Laura Sandri, Roberto Tonini, Dmitri Rouwet, Robert Constantinescu, Ana Teresa Mendoza-Rosas, Daniel Andrade et al.
    Pages 63-82Open Access
  7. Groundwater flow and volcanic unrest

    • Alia Jasim, Brioch Hemmings, Klaus Mayer, Bettina Scheu
    Pages 83-99Open Access
  8. Experimental Simulations of Magma Storage and Ascent

    • C. Martel, R. A. Brooker, J. Andújar, M. Pichavant, B. Scaillet, J. D. Blundy
    Pages 101-110Open Access
  9. Magma Chamber Rejuvenation: Insights from Numerical Models

    • C. P. Montagna, P. Papale, A. Longo, M. Bagagli
    Pages 111-122Open Access
  10. Magma Mixing: History and Dynamics of an Eruption Trigger

    • Daniele Morgavi, Ilenia Arienzo, Chiara Montagna, Diego Perugini, Donald B. Dingwell
    Pages 123-137Open Access
  11. Gases as Precursory Signals: Experimental Simulations, New Concepts and Models of Magma Degassing

    • M. Pichavant, N. Le Gall, B. Scaillet
    Pages 139-154Open Access
  12. Crystals, Bubbles and Melt: Critical Conduit Processes Revealed by Numerical Models

    • M. E. Thomas, J. W. Neuberg, A. S. D. Collinson
    Pages 155-169Open Access
  13. When Does Magma Break?

    • Fabian B. Wadsworth, Taylor Witcher, Jérémie Vasseur, Donald B. Dingwell, Bettina Scheu
    Pages 171-184Open Access
  14. Volcano Seismology: Detecting Unrest in Wiggly Lines

    • R. O. Salvage, S. Karl, J. W. Neuberg
    Pages 185-201Open Access
  15. The Ups and Downs of Volcanic Unrest: Insights from Integrated Geodesy and Numerical Modelling

    • J. Hickey, J. Gottsmann, P. Mothes, H. Odbert, I. Prutkin, P. Vajda
    Pages 203-219Open Access
  16. Fluid Geochemistry and Volcanic Unrest: Dissolving the Haze in Time and Space

    • Dmitri Rouwet, Silvana Hidalgo, Erouscilla P. Joseph, Gino González-Ilama
    Pages 221-239Open Access
  17. Geophysical Footprints of Cotopaxi’s Unrest and Minor Eruptions in 2015: An Opportunity to Test Scientific and Community Preparedness

    • Patricia A. Mothes, Mario C. Ruiz, Edwin G. Viracucha, Patricio A. Ramón, Stephen Hernández, Silvana Hidalgo et al.
    Pages 241-270Open Access
  18. Volcanic Unrest Simulation Exercises: Checklists and Guidance Notes

    • R. J. Bretton, S. Ciolli, C. Cristiani, J. Gottsmann, R. Christie, W. Aspinall
    Pages 271-298Open Access
  19. Back Matter

    Pages 299-313

About this book

This open access book summarizes the findings of the VUELCO project, a multi-disciplinary and cross-boundary research funded by the European Commission's 7th framework program. It comprises four broad topics:

1.     The global significance of volcanic unrest

2.     Geophysical and geochemical fingerprints of unrest and precursory activity

3.     Magma dynamics leading to unrest phenomena

4.     Bridging the gap between science and decision-making

Volcanic unrest is a complex multi-hazard phenomenon. The fact that unrest may, or may not lead to an imminent eruption contributes significant uncertainty to short-term volcanic hazard and risk assessment.  Although it is reasonable to assume that all eruptions are associated with precursory activity of some sort, the understanding of the causative links between subsurface processes, resulting unrest signals and imminent eruption is incomplete. When a volcano evolves from dormancy into a phase of unrest, important scientific, political and social questions need to be addressed. This book is aimed at graduate students, researchers of volcanic phenomena, professionals in volcanic hazard and risk assessment, observatory personnel, as well as emergency managers who wish to learn about the complex nature of volcanic unrest and how to utilize new findings to deal with unrest phenomena at scientific and emergency managing levels.

This book is open access under a CC BY license.


  • Volcanic Unrest
  • Emergency Management
  • Magma Dynamics
  • Precursory Activity
  • Decision-making
  • Open Access book on volcanology
  • VUELCO project

Editors and Affiliations

  • School of Earth Sciences, University of Bristol, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, UK

    Joachim Gottsmann

  • Faculty of Environment, University of Leeds, Leeds, UK

    Jürgen Neuberg

  • Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich, Munich, Germany

    Bettina Scheu

Bibliographic Information

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  • Durable hardcover edition
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  • Free shipping worldwide - see info

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