Marginal(ized) Prospects through Biblical Ritual and Law

Lections from the Threshold

  • Bernon Lee

Part of the Postcolonialism and Religions book series (PCR)

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  2. Bernon Lee
    Pages 211-215
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    Pages 217-221

About this book


This book follows a reader’s logic of association through a series of overlapping constructs in biblical prescription of things prized and lofty—holy hair, unblemished beasts, sacred edibles, wholesome wombs, pristine precincts, esteemed ethnicities and, as unlikely as it seems, dismembered members. Thoroughly intersectional in disposition, Bernon Lee uncovers not just the precariousness of the contrived dichotomies through the identity-building sacred texts, but also the complexities and contentions of a would-be decolonizing hermeneutic bristling with its own tensions and temptations. This volume is an intertextual odyssey through law and ritual from impassioned positions fraught with ambivalence, reticence, and anxiety.


Postcolonial Feminist reading Asian-American reading Biblical Ritual Biblical law Subaltern studies

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