Heading North

The North of England in Film and Television

  • Ewa Mazierska

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xi
  2. The North, History and an Archive

  3. The North and the Rural and Urban Identities

  4. The North in a Transnational Context

  5. Back Matter
    Pages 299-305

About this book


This collection presents a number of films and television programmes set in the North of England in an investigation of how northern identity imbricates with class, race, gender, rural and urban identities. Heading North considers famous screen images of the North, such as Coronation Street and Kes (1969), but the main purpose is to examine its lesser known facets. From Mitchell and Kenyon’s ‘Factory Gate’ films to recent horror series In the Flesh, the authors analyse how the dominant narrative of the North of England as an ‘oppressed region’ subordinated to the economically and politically powerful South of England is challenged. The book discusses the relationship between the North of England and the rest of the world and should be of interest to students of British cinema and television, as well as to those broadly interested in its history and culture.


North Manchester urban Industrial artistic In the Flesh factory gate Coronation Street Kes Identity Northern

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  • Ewa Mazierska
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  1. 1.Studies in Eastern European Cinema PrestonUnited Kingdom

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