Alternating Narratives in Fiction for Young Readers

Twice Upon a Time

  • Perry┬áNodelman

Part of the Critical Approaches to Children's Literature book series (CRACL)

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This book is about the implications of novels for young readers that tell their stories by alternating between different narrative lines focused on different characters. It asks: if you make sense of fiction by identifying with one main character, how do you handle two or more of them? Do novels with alternating narratives diverge from longstanding conventions and represent a significant change in literature for young readers? If not, how do these novels manage to operate within the parameters of those conventions? This book considers answers to these questions by means of a series of close readings that explore the structural, educational and ideological implications of a variety of American, British, Canadian and Australian novels for children and for young adults. 


Form Protagonist Meaning Empathy Ideology Convention

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  • Perry┬áNodelman
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  1. 1.CRYTC, Department of EnglishUniversity of Winnipeg WinnipegCanada

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