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Coastline Changes of the Baltic Sea from South to East

Past and Future Projection

  • Jan Harff
  • Kazimierz Furmańczyk
  • Hans von Storch
  • Presents an innovative overview of modelling procedures for the hindcast and prediction of coastal morphogenesis

  • Offers transdisciplinary approaches of geosciences, climatology and engineering sciences approaches to describe natural and anthropogenic driving forces of coastal processes

  • Includes a classification of sandy coasts by morphodynamic parameters


Part of the Coastal Research Library book series (COASTALRL, volume 19)

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-viii
  2. Jan Harff, Kazimierz Furmańczyk, Hans von Storch
    Pages 1-12
  3. Concepts and Model Approaches

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 13-13
    2. Jan Harff, Junjie Deng, Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak, Peter Fröhle, Andreas Groh, Birgit Hünicke et al.
      Pages 15-35
    3. Birgit Hünicke, Eduardo Zorita, Hans von Storch
      Pages 37-54
    4. Andreas Groh, Andreas Richter, Reinhard Dietrich
      Pages 55-68
    5. Stanisław Musielak, Kazimierz Furmańczyk, Natalia Bugajny
      Pages 69-85
    6. Junjie Deng, Jan Harff, Wenyan Zhang, Ralf Schneider, Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak, Andrzej Giza et al.
      Pages 87-106
    7. Albertas Bitinas, Jonas Mažeika, Ilya V. Buynevich, Aldona Damušytė, Anatoly Molodkov, Alma Grigienė
      Pages 137-171
  4. Regional Studies

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 173-173
    2. Andrzej Witkowski, Bernard Cedro, Sławomir Dobosz, Alistair W. R. Seddon, Agnieszka Kierzek
      Pages 175-192
    3. Ryszard Krzysztof Borówka, Andrzej Osadczuk, Krystyna Osadczuk, Andrzej Witkowski, Artur Skowronek, Małgorzata Latałowa et al.
      Pages 193-217
    4. Junjie Deng, Jan Harff, Andrzej Giza, Jörg Hartleib, Joanna Dudzińska-Nowak, Bernd Bobertz et al.
      Pages 271-287
    5. Alar Rosentau, Merle Muru, Martin Gauk, Tõnis Oja, Aive Liibusk, Tarmo Kall et al.
      Pages 363-388

About this book


This book discusses sea-level and coastline changes. These topics are becoming increasingly important for populations living along the edge of the world’s oceans and seas, especially in areas where eustatic sea-level rise is superimposed on isostatic subsidence and storm-induced coastal erosion. This is the case at the southern and eastern Baltic Sea coast: in the south, glacio-isostatic subsidence enhances the effect of climate-induced sea-level rise and strong storm effects are causing a continuous retreat of the coast. On the eastern coast glacio-isostatic uplift compensates for eustatic sea-level rise, but storm-induced waves are responsible for permanent morphodynamic changes to the coastline. There is an increasing need for protection concepts for defense but also for the economic use of the different types of coastal zones. The elaboration of these management concepts can be facilitated through models that generate future projections of coastal developments in the light of modern climate change. This anthology comprises the results of the research project “Coastline Changes of the southern Baltic Sea – Past and future projection (CoPaF)” funded by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which was run by a team of Estonian, German, Lithuanian, and Polish geoscientists and coastal engineers from 2010 to 2013 and overlapped with and complemented the work of COST Action SPLASHCOS supported by COST (European Cooperation in Science and Technology). As the southern and eastern Baltic serves as a natural laboratory for the investigation of coastal processes, the project’s findings contribute not only to the solution of regional problems in Baltic coastal research and engineering, but also to worldwide interests in description, modelling and parameterization of coastal processes and morphodynamics.


Baltic Sea and Coastline Change Sea-level Change in the Baltic Region Paleo coastal environment and the Baltic Region Climate Change and the Baltic Sea Coastal Morphodynamics and the Baltic Sea

Editors and affiliations

  • Jan Harff
    • 1
  • Kazimierz Furmańczyk
    • 2
  • Hans von Storch
    • 3
  1. 1.Institute of Marine and Coastal SciencesUniversity of SzczecinSzczecinPoland
  2. 2.Institute of Marine and Coastal SciencesUniversity of SzczecinSzczecinPoland
  3. 3.Centre for Materials and Coastal ResearchHelmholtz-Zentrum GeesthachtGeesthachtGermany

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