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Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Aluminum Alloys

  • Hasso Weiland
  • Anthony D. Rollett
  • William A. Cassada
Conference proceedings

Table of contents

  1. Front Matter
    Pages i-xxxi
  2. Advanced Analysis

    1. Ruben Bjørge, Sigmund J. Andersen, Calin D. Marioara, Joanne Etheridge, Randi Holmestad
      Pages 3-8
    2. Darren J. LeClere, Takanobu Kamiko, Yasuharu Mizuseki, Yoshio Suzuki, Akihisa Takeuchi, Kentaro Uesugi et al.
      Pages 9-14
    3. Nicolas Brodusch, Michel L. Trudeau, Pierre Michaud, Mathieu Brochu, Lisa Rodrigue, Julien Boselli et al.
      Pages 23-28
    4. L. Viskari, G. Sha, S. P. Ringer
      Pages 29-30
    5. Evan Harvey, Leila Ladani
      Pages 31-35
    6. Sigurd Wenner, Kenji Matsuda, Katsuhiko Nishimura, John Banhart, Teiichiro Matsuzaki, Dai Tomono et al.
      Pages 37-42
    7. Olaf Kessler, Davit Zohrabyan, Benjamin Milkereit, Christoph Schick
      Pages 43-48
    8. T. O. Mbuya, I. Sinclair, K. A. Soady, P. A. S. Reed
      Pages 55-60
    9. Hiroki Adachi, Yoji Miyajima, Akinobu Shibata, Daisuke Terada, Nobuhiro Tsuji
      Pages 61-66
  3. Casting

    1. Jianzhong Cui, Haitao Zhang, Ke Qin, Huixue Jiang
      Pages 69-75
    2. S. Jones, A. K. Prasada Rao, J. B. Patel, G. M. Scamans, Z. Fan
      Pages 91-96
    3. Guo Shi-jie, Xue Guan-xia, Ma ke, Nagaumi Hiromi
      Pages 97-103
    4. Pengting Li, Wenjie Tian, Dong Wang, Xiangfa Liu
      Pages 105-109
    5. Jinfeng Nie, Xiaoguang Ma, Haimin Ding, Xiangfa Liu
      Pages 113-122
    6. Piotr Uliasz, Tadeusz Knych, Marzena Piwowarska, Justyna Wiecheć
      Pages 129-135
    7. Florian Stadler, Helmut Antrekowitsch, Werner Fragner, Helmut Kaufmann, Peter J. Uggowitzer
      Pages 137-142
    8. Ehab Samuel, Chang-Qing Zheng, Amine Bouaicha, Mohamed Bouazara
      Pages 151-156
    9. Toshio Haga, Kazuya Akitsu, Keisuke Kamakura, Shinji Kumai, Hisaki Watari
      Pages 157-162
    10. Toshio Haga, Hiroshi Tsuge, Takuya Ishihar, Shinji Kumai, Hisaki Watari
      Pages 163-168
    11. Cong Xu, Xinxin Liu, Fengmei Ma, Zhiwei Wang, Wenhong Wang, Chaoli Ma
      Pages 195-200
    12. Young-Hee Cho, Jung-Moo Lee, Hwa-Jung Kim, Jong-Jin Kim, Su-Hyeon Kim
      Pages 201-206
    13. M. Sohi, N. Singh, C. W. Sinclair, W. J. Poole, M. Gallerneault
      Pages 213-218
    14. Myoung-Gyun Kim, Jong-Ho Kim, Joon-Pyo Park, Gyu-Chang Lee
      Pages 219-223
    15. Se-Weon Choi, Young-Chan Kim, Cheol-Woo Kim, Jae-Ik Cho, Chang-Seog Kang, Yu-Mi Kim et al.
      Pages 225-229
    16. Young-Chan Kim, Se-Weon Choi, Cheol-Woo Kim, Jae-Ik Cho, Sung-Ho Lee, Chang-Seog Kang
      Pages 231-236
    17. Cheol-Woo Kim, Jae-Ik Cho, Se-Weon Choi, Young-Chan Kim, Chang-Seog Kang
      Pages 237-242
  4. Coating and Surfaces

    1. Jon Holmestad, Øystein Dahl, Sigmund J. Andersen, Oddvin Reiso, Randi Holmestad, John C. Walmsley
      Pages 245-250
    2. Alexandre Gariépy, Claude Perron, Philippe Bocher, Martin Lévesque
      Pages 251-256
  5. Computational Metallurgy: ICME

    1. Peter Lang, Peter Mohn, Ahmad Falahati, Ernst Kozeschnik
      Pages 273-277
    2. Flemming J. H. Ehlers, Sigurd Wenner, Sigmund J. Andersen, Calin D. Marioara, R. Holmestad
      Pages 279-284
    3. N. Chobaut, J. Repper, T. Pirling, D. Carron, J-M. Drezet
      Pages 285-291
    4. W. J. Poole, M. A. Wells, N. C. Parson
      Pages 293-298
    5. Jurij J. Sidor, Roumen H. Petrov, Koen Decroos, Leo A. I. Kestens
      Pages 299-304
    6. L. J. Zhang, A. Markström, P. Mason, Y. Du, S. Liu, L. Kjellqvist et al.
      Pages 305-310
    7. Y. Shi, P. D. Wu, M. Gallerneault
      Pages 319-324

About these proceedings


This is a collection of papers presented at the 13th International Conference on Aluminum Alloys (ICAA-13), the premier global conference for exchanging emerging knowledge on the structure and properties of aluminum materials. The papers are organized around the topics of the science of aluminum alloy design for a range of market applications; the accurate prediction of material properties; novel aluminum products and processes; and emerging developments in recycling and applications using both monolithic and multi-material solutions.


aluminum alloys aluminum materials alloy design novel processes emerging developments multi-material solutions

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  • Anthony D. Rollett
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  • William A. Cassada
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