An Introduction to Criminological Theory and the Problem of Causation

  • Jason Warr

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About this book


This text offers a novel contribution to criminological theory by introducing the complex issues relating to the structuring and analysing of causation. Warr traces the paradigm shift, or drift, that has occurred
in the history of criminology and shows how the problem of causation has been a leading factor in these theoretical developments. This is an introductory text which presents both seasoned criminologists as well
as students with the interesting intersections between the fields of criminology and the philosophy of the social sciences.

The problem of causation is notoriously difficult and has plagued philosophers and scientists for centuries. Warr highlights the importance of grappling with this problem and demonstrates how it can lead to unsuccessful theorising. This accessible account will be a must-read for scholars of criminal justice, penology and philosophy of social science.

Jason Warr is a Lecturer in Criminology at the University of Lincoln, UK, with interests in penology, sociology of power and the philosophy of science. He holds an HEA teaching fellowship and teaches across criminology, penology and research methods.


philosophy social sciences theory construction natural sciences deviant casual chains refutations criminology theorising Humean Causation criminology theory crime theory crime and philosophy causes of crime

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