Queer Apocalypses

Elements of Antisocial Theory

  • Lorenzo Bernini

Table of contents

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    Pages i-xliii
  2. Elements of Antisocial Theory

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      Pages 1-1
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      Pages 55-92
  3. Queer Apocalypses

    1. Front Matter
      Pages 93-93
    2. Lorenzo Bernini
      Pages 95-134
    3. Lorenzo Bernini
      Pages 135-165
    4. Lorenzo Bernini
      Pages 167-190
  4. Back Matter
    Pages 191-216

About this book


This book is an attempt to save “the sexual” from the oblivion to which certain strands in queer theory tend to condemn it, and at the same time to limit the risks of anti-politics and solipsism contained in what has been termed antisocial queer theory. It takes a journey from Sigmund Freud to Mario Mieli and Guy Hocquenghem, from Michel Foucault and Judith Butler to Teresa de Lauretis, Leo Bersani, Lee Edelman, and Tim Dean, and from all of these thinkers back to Immanuel Kant and Thomas Hobbes. At the end, through readings of Bruce LaBruce’s movies on gay zombies, the elitism of antisocial queer theory is brought into contact with popular culture. The living dead come to represent a dispossessed form of subjectivity, whose monstrous drives are counterposed to predatory desires of liberal individuals. The reader is thus lead into the interstitial spaces of the Queer Apocalypses, where the past and the future collapse onto the present, and sexual minorities resurrect to the chance of a non-heroic political agency. 


queer theory antisocial thesis Leo Bersani Lee Edelman LGBT politics Hobbes Sexuality political philosophy Mario Mieli Michel Foucault Guy Hocquenghem

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