Synthesis and Characterization of Glycosides

  • Marco Brito-Arias

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About this book


This second edition is a short and comprehensive study on the best known approaches for preparing the main types of glycosides. It covers synthetic pathways of challenging glycosides known as antiviral or antineoplastic drugs, and synthetic substrates used for enzymatic detection, including those used for detection of gene markers in plant biotechnology. The author pays special attention to the structural characterization of glycosides and provides the basic tools for the structural assignment through NMR, X-Ray and mass spectra techniques. The book also covers strategies for preparation of antiviral and antineoplastic drugs included in a drug design course.


Carbohydrate chemistry Docking studies of Glycosides Glycoconjugates Glycosides Hydrolysis of Glycosides Mass Spectrometry of Glycosides Ray Diffraction of Glycosides X-Ray Diffraction of Glycosides

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