Biology and Subjectivity

Philosophical Contributions to Non-reductive Neuroscience

  • Miguel García-Valdecasas
  • José Ignacio Murillo
  • Nathaniel F. Barrett

Part of the Historical-Analytical Studies on Nature, Mind and Action book series (HSNA, volume 2)

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Some may consider that the language and concepts of philosophy will eventually be superseded by those of neuroscience. This book questions such a naïve assumption and through a variety of perspectives and traditions, the authors show the possible contributions of philosophy to non-reductive forms of neuroscientific research. Drawing from the full range and depth of philosophical thought, from hylomorphism to ethics, by way of dynamical systems, enactivism and value theory, amongst other topics, this edited work promotes a rich form of interdisciplinary exchange.

Chapters explore the analytic, phenomenological and pragmatic traditions of philosophy, and most share a common basis in the Aristotelian tradition. Contributions address one or more aspects of subjectivity in relation to science, such as the meaning and scope of naturalism and the place of consciousness in nature, or the relation between intentionality, teleology, and causality. Readers may further explore the nature of life and its relation to mind and then the role of value in mind and nature.

This book shows how philosophy might contribute to real explanatory progress in science while remaining faithful to the full complexity of the phenomena of life and mind. It will be of interest to both philosophers and neuroscientists, as well as those engaged in interdisciplinary cooperation between philosophy and science.


Philosophy of neuroscience Reductionism Naturalism Value theory Mind-brain problem Aristotle’s philosophy of mind and action Sturma, Self-consciousness, personal identity Mind vs Body dilemmas of Post-Cartesian philosophy of mind Body, time and subject Ethics and normativity

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  • Miguel García-Valdecasas
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  • José Ignacio Murillo
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  • Nathaniel F. Barrett
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  1. 1.Mind-Brain Group, Institute for Culture and Society (ICS)University of NavarraPamplonaSpain
  2. 2.Mind-Brain Group, Institute for Culture and Society (ICS)University of NavarraPamplonaSpain
  3. 3.Mind-Brain Group, Institute for Culture and Society (ICS)University of NavarraPamplonaSpain

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