Principles of an Epistemology of Values

The permutation of collective cohesion and motivation

  • Marià Corbí

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About this book


​This book addresses the need to create an “axiological epistemology”. This term refers to knowledge of what is axiological, i.e. everything related to human values, and the know-how on how to manage the study of values. In knowledge societies, we know and live axiological projects that we do not receive from anyone, but that we must construct ourselves in a situation of continuous change. In view of the fact that the axiological crisis in which we are immersed is the most serious one that humanity has suffered over its long history, the seriousness and urgency of the issue in question is evident. Adequate knowledge is required to solve this problem, which is at the root of all the problems we are experiencing. This work offers a potential solution that, in contrast to the past, cannot be definitive, but must be transformed throughout the continuous changes to ways of life as a result of technoscience. It will prove of great value to all those who must operate within human values and motivate groups, as well as to those interested in spirituality.


Axiological collective project Axiological epistemology Axiological knowledge Axiological postulates Concrete formality Dual access to reality Human quality Mythical constructions Non-mythical epistemology Non-religious spirituality

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