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Physics of Wurtzite Nitrides and Oxides

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Part of the Springer Series in Materials Science book series (SSMATERIALS, volume 197)

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This book gives a survey of the current state of the art of a special class of nitrides semiconductors, Wurtzite Nitride and Oxide Semiconductors. It includes properties, growth and applications. Research in the area of nitrides semiconductors is still booming although some basic materials sciences issues were solved already about 20 years ago. With the advent of modern technologies and the successful growth of nitride substrates, these materials currently experience a second birth. Advanced new applications like light-emitters, including UV operating LEDs, normally on and normally off high frequency operating transistors are expected. With progress in clean room technology, advanced photonic and quantum optic applications are envisioned in a close future. This area of research is fascinating for researchers and students in materials science, electrical engineering, chemistry, electronics, physics and biophysics. This book aims to be the ad-hoc instrument to this active field of research.


Aheterostructures of Wurtzitic Epilayers Blue-ray Technology Growth and Structural Characterization of Wurtzitic Epilayers High-frequency and High-power Electronics Low-dimensional Nitride Heterostructures Optical Properties of Wurtzitic Epilayers Photonic Wurtzitic Devices Quantum Nitride Devices Solid State Lighting Wide Band-gap Nitride Semiconductors

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