Human and Mediated Communication around the World

A Comprehensive Review and Analysis

  • Marieke┬áde Mooij

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About this book


This book is unique in the sense that it offers a comprehensive review and analysis of human communication and mediated communication around the world. This is one of the first attempts to do so in a systematic, comprehensive way. It challenges the assumption that Western theories of human communication and mass communication have universal applicability. It surveys the applicability of mass communication theories to other than Western cultures. The book explains the influence of culture on all forms of communication behavior, be it personal, mediated or mass communication. It presents communication theories from around the world, incorporating a vast body of literature from Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America. This updated information on important international perspectives that includes both interpersonal and mediated communication is presently not readily available in other sources. The book offers an integrated approach to understanding the working of electronic means of communication that are hybrid media combining human and mediated communication. These new media that are often presented as universal are even more culture-bound than the traditional media.


African Communication and Worldviews Asian Wordlviews on Communication Central Concepts of Chinese Communication Central Concepts of Japenese Communication Communication and Mental Processes Concepts in the Communication Discourse Cultural Hegemony Development Communication Eletronic Communication and Secondary Orality European and American Communication Theories Family and Relationships Parent-Children Global Flow of Information and Communication Globalization and Communication Human Communication Implications for Communication Behavior Intercultural and Cross Cultural Communication Islam and Communication Latin American Worldview and Personhood Mass Media in Society Media Behavior and Culture Mestizaje and Hybrid Cultures Non-verbal Communication Orality and Literacy Reflection of Culture in Communication Products Spirituality, Religion and Beliefs in Latin America The Network Society The Self and Communication The Social Function of the Internet Website Design and Culture Western Workdviews on Individualism and Religion

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